The Mill Northeast | NE Minneapolis


It was suggested to me that we class up my Birthday celebration by heading over to The Mill Northeast.
Located on the corner of 19th St and Central Ave. Occupying the old Falafel King venue and nestled amongst some authentic eateries, it’s safe to say that this restaurant is a little out of place.

The Mill NE


I’ve been told the crab cake is delectable, but we were only there for drinks.


I’m a glutton for cucumber flavored anything, so it was obvious that I was going to order the “Tijuana Brass Smash,” which is made up of cucumber vodka, lime, cilantro, and pineapple. It was a gorgeous green color with a froth that was almost gelato textured.

hipster jello shotFinding “Jello Shots… of the moment,” on the menu was reminiscent of playing “one of these is not like the other.” We were not to be disappointed.

These jello shots are all about presentation. Not only were they made with bourbon, but they came in glass tumblers with tiny spoons.  Long gone are the days of sliding your finger around a plastic rim. As stated by one of my table co-pilots, the Mill Northeast somehow turned jello shots into a legit food pairing.


Our service was great, the only bummer is that this place is only open until 10pm on weekdays.

This was a really fun place to go for a Birthday, but on an average night, this place is a little upscale and expensive. I do, however, want to go back and try out the food!

The Mill Northeast
1851 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Sunday – Thursday 9am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday 9am – 11pm

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