Legends Bar And Grill | Northeast Minneapolis

legend bar and grill northeast

If you’re in the mood for a liquid brunch or lunch, Legends Bar & Grill in Northeast is my recommended stop, solely, because of the Bloody Mary’s that are as big as my head.

legends northeast


As previously stated, their large, 25 oz., Bloody Mary is giant. It also comes with a “buddy” on the side.

bud lite

Loaded with a freakishly large celery stick, meat stick, pickle, olive, hot pepper, and shrimp, it’s safe to say this is a meal. Not being a fan of shrimp, which I was once informed was one chromosome away from being a cockroach, I wasn’t that impressed by it’s inclusion, but most of my lunch companions don’t share my same aversion to the cockroach of the sea.

The bloody had it’s fair share of spice, without being too excessive. I’d give it a 9/10. Word to the wise: don’t get the large if you’re planning on getting food, too. I wasn’t able to finish mine, because it’s legitimately a liquid meal.


legends northeast

As i’ve previously stated, I’m a self sanctioned tots connoisseur, and their tots didn’t disappoint. Delightfully crispy, the only thing they lacked was seasoning. I am pleased to say my burger was also perfectly cooked, and I liked that our waitress didn’t awkwardly look at me when I ordered mine sans bun. It’s always relieving not to have to justify gluten avoidance to confused individuals.

The shoestring fries and BLT are also excellent choices!


Our waitress was great and had a good sense of humor, which is always extremely important for a dining experience.


We ate on the patio, or I guess you could call it the sidewalk along the front. The tables were decent and the patio chairs weren’t anything spectacular, but I suspect they get replaced every patio season. There were, however, some comfy looking chairs next to what appeared to be a table that had a built in fireplace. While that set up would be really awkward to eat food at, I suspect it’s in high demand during the evening.

All in all, I was glad that my friends suggested we go there. I foresee myself being a repeat offender.

Legends Bar and Grill – Northeast
825 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Weekend Brunch: Sat-Sun 10am-2pm

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