Drunk in Portland

Deschute's Brewery Portland

I had some of the best drinks of my life in Portland. From gluten-free beer to craft cocktails, Portland appears to be a hub of liquid exploration.


I’ll start with cocktails, because they’re my favorite.

Beet Down – The Richmond Bar:

Beet Cocktail

This was a trip favorite. Between the 4 of us we consumed 7 of these in approximately 2 hours. Made with gin, beet juice, lime, and simple syrup, this cocktail tastes like a Christmas themed garden party. My friends, Lisa, Jenna, and Nellie subbed in vodka instead of gin, which really emphasized the beet juice. Continue reading

Legends Bar And Grill | Northeast Minneapolis

legend bar and grill northeast

If you’re in the mood for a liquid brunch or lunch, Legends Bar & Grill in Northeast is my recommended stop, solely, because of the Bloody Mary’s that are as big as my head.

legends northeast


As previously stated, their large, 25 oz., Bloody Mary is giant. It also comes with a “buddy” on the side.

bud lite

Loaded with a freakishly large celery stick, meat stick, pickle, olive, hot pepper, and shrimp, it’s safe to say this is a meal. Not being a fan of shrimp, which I was once informed was one chromosome away from being a cockroach, I wasn’t that impressed by it’s inclusion, but most of my lunch companions don’t share my same aversion to the cockroach of the sea.

The bloody had it’s fair share of spice, without being too excessive. I’d give it a 9/10. Word to the wise: don’t get the large if you’re planning on getting food, too. I wasn’t able to finish mine, because it’s legitimately a liquid meal. Continue reading