Don Oishi Food Truck | Northeast Minneapolis

Don Oishi Kitchen Food Truck Potstickers and Beef Stir Fry

We tried out the Don Oishi Kitchen Food Truck at Tattersall Distilling in Northeast Minneapolis.

The real hero is the person who initiated the first Brewery/Distillery and Food Truck partnership, because that person created the blueprint for socially acceptable drunk snacking.
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Uncle Franky’s | Northeast Minneapolis

Northeast Minneapolis Food

Uncle Franky’s¬†is located in a hole-in-the-wall standalone square building close to the corner of Monroe & Broadway in Northeast. After years of experiencing hot dog cravings after driving by it at night when they were already closed, I am happy to report that I finally made it there with my co-pilot Mikayla, and that it was phenomenal. Continue reading

Taraccino Coffee | Northeast Minneapolis

Taraccino Coffee

It’s National Coffee Day, so I figured, what can be more fitting than sharing my Taraccino Coffee adventure, partly because their coffee was so good, partly because I’m a sucker for random national holidays, but mostly, because it had my name in the title ūüėČ Continue reading

Tony Jaros Rivergarden | Northeast Minneapolis

Tony Jaros Rivergarden

Much like Dusty’s Bar, Tony Jaros Rivergarden is an unapologetic dive. Where these two are different, is that Tony Jaros is a favorite destination of the sports attending crowd, softball teams, and even some of the trendier downtown Minneapolis crowd. Continue reading

Adelita’s Mexican Restaurant | Northeast Minneapolis

Adelita's Mexican Restaurant

Adelita’s Mexican Restaurant is only a mile from my house? This is going to get dangerous.



The Adelita’s¬†menu was full of all my favorite things, so I couldn’t make up my mind. At the waitresses suggestion I ordered the chicken chimichanga, which was absolute perfection.

To be fair, I am from Minnesota where deep-fried everything reigns supreme (Minnesota State Fair), but I, honestly, don’t know what’s not to like about a deep fried burrito filled with beans, rice, and everything nice! Continue reading

El Taco Riendo | Northeast Minneapolis


This hack for El Taco Riendo is extremely over due, considering I mentioned it months ago, for those of you who are loyal subscribers (Thanks, Mom) you may remember that El Taco Riendo was the place I ordered from using the delivery service,¬†Bite Squad, but for those of you who don’t you can read it HERE. Continue reading

Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room | Minneapolis

Stanley's Northeast

Places like¬†Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room¬†are what I love about Northeast. A local pub with¬†a fun vibe, weekly events, and great menu.

We happened to go on a Monday night and arrived right as Get A Clu Trivia was starting.


Lisa, Nellie, and I decided to take¬†Team “Stillwater Runs Deep,” 3 members strong, out of retirement. We started off phenomenally, pulling answers out of our ass that somehow managed to be correct and we were feeling pretty good about representing the team name. Unfortunately, things quickly went south and we somehow scraped by a mere 10 points shy of having the worst score of the night…we probably should have stayed retired. Just call it the Brett Favre complex. Continue reading

Marina Grill and Deli | Northeast Minneapolis

Marina Grill and Deli Northeast

Marina Grill and Deli is a few block down the road from my apartment and seemed like the perfect choice for a welcome home meal after my trip of new and exciting food.

Marina Deli Northeast Mpls


Having no real experience with Greek food,¬†I was at a loss trying to figure out what to order. It probably didn’t help that I was a little jet lagged and running on 3 hours of sleep, so I asked the cashier if there was anything she recommended. While extremely nice, she definitely looked a little flustered and told me that she didn’t feel comfortable suggesting things to people, because you can never¬†guarantee¬†they’ll like it. Understandable, but definitely not helpful, so I ended up falling back on the two items I’ve had experience with before; a Gyro and falafel. Continue reading

Undead Frank’s Zombie Bites Food Truck

Undead Frank's Zombie Bites Food Truck

Undead Frank’s Zombie Bites Food Truck hails from Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den which is owned by Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge¬†(review for Psycho Suzi’s coming soon).

Donny Dirk's Zombie Den

I was pretty pumped when we walked up and saw the Zombie Truck. With food names like Undead Fries and Zombie Bites I had really high hopes for the food. To be fair, I think my idea of zombie food would in actuality be pretty unedible, but to be honest, I don’t think the theme really translated to the food. I was expecting a destructed presentation and vivid reds and greens. Continue reading

Que Viet Village House | Northeast Minneapolis

Qui Viet Eggroll

My friend, Andy, has been insisting that I need to try Que Viet in Northeast and last week we finally made it there for lunch.

As a native Northeasterner, I had no cause not to trust his recommendation, so when he insisted it was the best asian¬†food he’s ever tasted, I wasn’t surprised when he was right.

Disclaimer: while this is a “Vietnamese restaurant” it isn’t very traditional. It’s more of an Americanized version of Vietnamese. Continue reading