Dogwood Coffee Bar | Uptown Minneapolis

Dogwood Coffee Co

The Dogwood Coffee Co. Coffee Bar in Uptown is located in Calhoun Square. According to their website they have three coffee bar locations as well as a warehouse location. Dogwood Coffee Co. was created by a group of coffee professionals.

Their mission:

“To dedicate our time to perfect the art of espresso and single-cup brewing, [in the hopes that] our coffee bar is a place to showcase and share some really great coffees we’ve discovered.”


Dogwood Vanilla Latte

I had an Iced Vanilla Latte. It was delicious and went down way too fast. It had the perfect coffee to vanilla ratio and I regretted not ordering a larger size.

My friend, Kathleen, ordered the Americana and is adamant that it is “the best Americana [she’s] ever had.” While it maintained the strength of an average Americana, it didn’t have the same harshness. Instead it was rich and incredibly smooth.

Dogwood Americana


I love that they have embraced the idea of a mobile storefront by using Square and an iPad for the cash register. You can even have your receipt texted to you at checkout!

Our barrista was Liz Elton and she was both efficient and friendly.



They have utilized this small space in such an innovative way. The coffee and order stations are carts and there is an adorable little nook with tables for people to enjoy their coffee, visit, and do some work.

I also love that they have floor to ceiling storage cabinets that they access with a rolling ladder. It reminds me of the library scene in Beauty & The Beast which was one of my favorites as a little girl.

Even if the coffee sucked, which I can assure you wholeheartedly, that it does not, the space alone is reason to check this place out.

Dogwood Coffee Bar – Uptown
3001 Hennepin Avenue South,
Minneapolis, MN 
Monday – Friday 7AM – 9PM
Saturday 8AM – 9PM
Sunday 9AM – 6PM

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