Edwards Dessert Kitchen | Minneapolis

Edwards Dessert Kitchen North Loop Minneapolis

There is hanging out at a coffee shop and then there is Edwards Dessert Kitchen.  I’ve been to some really stunning coffee shops, and while I know this probably doesn’t classify as a “coffee shop,” that vibe feels like it fits more than what you would expect at a traditional bakery. It’s not only adorable inside and home of some amazing coffee (and I’m assured amazing sweets), it is now my new favorite place to take a mid-day field trip. Continue reading

Dogwood Coffee Bar | Uptown Minneapolis

Dogwood Coffee Co

The Dogwood Coffee Co. Coffee Bar in Uptown is located in Calhoun Square. According to their website they have three coffee bar locations as well as a warehouse location. Dogwood Coffee Co. was created by a group of coffee professionals.

Their mission:

“To dedicate our time to perfect the art of espresso and single-cup brewing, [in the hopes that] our coffee bar is a place to showcase and share some really great coffees we’ve discovered.”

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