Harriet Brasserie | Minneapolis

Lake Harriet Brasserie Minneapolis

I was excited to try a new brunch spot based off a recommendation from one of my coworkers. She loves brunch as much as I do, so when she recommended Harriet Brasserie, I knew it was worth a try! Luckily, I also have some great copilots who were game as well! Continue reading

Isles Bun and Coffee | Uptown Minneapolis

Isle Bun and Coffee Uptown Minneapolis

Isles Bun and Coffee is known for their well, buns ūüôā With my week off it’s been the perfect time to jet off into cute little bakeries and shops that I wouldn’t normally get to on a weekend. Isles Bun and Coffee, which I’ve been incorrectly referring to as “Isles of Buns,” which to be fair I think would be a much better name haha, definitely lived up to the hype.

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Red Cow | Uptown Minneapolis

Red Cow Uptown Minneapolis

A couple weeks ago I was giddy when I realized it was #NationalGrilledCheeseDay. My giddiness amplified when I texted my friend to meet for lunch and she happened to be at Red Cow in Uptown Minneapolis…exactly the place that a couple coworkers told me that same morning had a phenomenal Grilled Cheese. Clearly I was meant to have this Grilled Cheese (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

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Blue Door Pub | Uptown Minneapolis

Blue Door Pub Uptown Minneapolis

My life was changed on April 4th at 4:09 PM when a photo of Blue Door Pub‘s Lobster Mac Totchos appeared in my timeline. It took two weeks to get there (yes, those 2 weeks were pure agony and no, I do not think I am being overdramatic…ok maybe a little), but we finally made it and while it was worth the wait, I wouldn’t recommend waiting too much longer, since it’s a limited time special! Continue reading

Urban Eatery | Uptown Minneapolis

Urban Eatery

Brunch is my favorite weekend pasttime, so when it was suggested that a group of us should meet at Urban Eatery for bloodies and brunch I was beyond ecstatic.


While they did have a Bloody Mary Bar, I was struggling that morning and decided that it was better for everyone involved if it came to me pre-made. It was delicious. Just enough flavor and spice to make it memorable, but not too much for me to not enjoy it.  It also comes with garnish, and since it took our group a while to stop talking long enough to look at the menu and actually order, the snacks were much needed haha. Continue reading

The Lowry Uptown | Minneapolis

The Lowry Uptown

Lisa and I experienced The Lowry Uptown for the first time, because it was chosen by our friend, Heather, as our last Happy Hour destination before she made the move out of unpredictable Minnesota weather into sunny California.

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I’m not bitter at all about her move, just extremely happy for her…ok, maybe like 28% bitter, but the rest of it is happy. I swear! Continue reading

Dogwood Coffee Bar | Uptown Minneapolis

Dogwood Coffee Co

The Dogwood Coffee Co. Coffee Bar in Uptown is located in Calhoun Square. According to their website they have three coffee bar locations as well as a warehouse location. Dogwood Coffee Co. was created by a group of coffee professionals.

Their mission:

“To dedicate our time to perfect the art of espresso and single-cup brewing, [in the hopes that]¬†our coffee bar is a place to showcase and share some really great coffees we‚Äôve discovered.”

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The first time I attended a GRRRL PRTY¬†was at Bastille Day. They are by far the best live act I’ve seen in quite some time. The swagger they emit is beyond believable.

Not only was their stage presence phenomenal, but they are all incredible lyricists as well. I have to admit that Lizzo is my favorite, but her rapping style is just insane and in the words of my friend who went up to her after the show to tell her so, “her moves are fantastic.”


Kelly with Lizzo of GRRL PRTY

You can download the GRRL PRTY mixtape for FREE on their website www.grrrlprty.com. Continue reading