Cuzzy’s Bar | Downtown Minneapolis

Cuzzy's Minneapolis

Cuzzy’s is a local landmark and a favorite of the Minneapolis businessman and hipster alike.


Cuzzy's Burger

There are two great times to enjoy Cuzzy’s:

  1. When you’re hungover
  2. When you want a burger

They are the master of the greasy morning after food. In an area of Minneapolis full of suits and professionals, Cuzzy’s is the much needed mini lunch vacation. A laid back atmosphere and a plate full of tots and you’re good to go.

Just imagine Sheryl Crow belting out how she wants to have a little fun before she dies and you pretty much get the gist.


Although I went for lunch and therefore didn’t have a drink, Cuzzy’s is a really fun night spot with great priced drinks. They have a good picnic/patio area set up in the back that is perfect for a game of flippy cup. The last time I was out there I was the anchor, and therefore the MVP, on the winning team full of Canadians. What can I say, I’m American proud. USA! USA! USA!



Guests can literally leave their mark at Cuzzy’s. Cuzzy’s is wallpapered with personalized dollar bills. There’s probably enough money on the wall to pay a month of rent on the building. Years ago I was taught the trade secret on how to get a dollar bill to stick to the ceiling. I like to think it’s still up there, even though it’s more likely it’s long since became a gravity casualty haha.


People get pretty creative with there dollar art so Cuzzy’s is a great place to play lunch time “I Spy With My Little Eye…”


The food is served fast and with a smile. The people who work here, genuinely enjoy it, and their enthusiasm is contagious.

Cuzzy’s Downtown Minneapolis
507 Washington Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN
Monday – Friday: 7AM – 1AM
Saturday: 8AM – 1AM

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