National Beer Day 2015 – Top 5 Craft Beers

Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit Oktoberfest

It’s National Beer Day, which means there’s no day better than today to try out a new brew! Unfortunately, with it falling on a Tuesday, that means many of the Northeast Breweries aren’t open. However many of these brews are still on tap elsewhere!

Here are some good Minneapolis/St. Paul Beer Places to go tonight!

Stanley’s NE
Happy Gnome

and without futher ado here is my list for National Beer Day:

Top 5 Craft Beers

Lombac Brewing

5. Lompoc Special Draft (LSD) – Lompoc Brewing

This was one of the beers we tried while in Portland and it was delicious. The website describes it in more detail than I ever could:

This dark mahogany brew has a touch of smoke in the nose and is rich and complex with notes of licorice, toasted malt and dark chocolate that lead to a smooth, dry finish.6.9% ABV | 58 IBU

If you’re ever in Portland. Be sure to try it!

Freehouse Stout

4. No. 4 Stout (concidence?) – Freehouse

It’s taken me 3 visits to Freehouse to finally try one of their beers, because I’m pretty addicted to their beer cocktails, which I’m resisting from including in this list, because I feel like National Beer Day means I should be a beer purist. However, this black ale has notes of chocolate, low hop, and is medium bodied. As close to a liquid meal as you can get.

Indeed Brewing

3. Day Tripper – Indeed Brewing Company

Indeed has a lot of fun varietals, but their Day Tripper is a Pale Ale staple that’s always worth a try.


2. Deschutes Black Butte Porter

So this is another Portland beer, but this one you can actually procure around here! Try Jakeeno’s, Stanley’s NE, or any of THESE other places. I’d also suggest trying some of their other varietals, because they’re pretty good, like their gluten-free varietal!

Chocolate Milk Stout

1. Chocolate Milk Stout – Dangerous Man

Ok ok, I know I talk about this one too much and should probably choose a different Dangerous Man brew, considering how great they all are, but I’m sorry. I can’t. This is my favorite and thus it shall forever be included in these lists. Sorry not sorry.

Clearly, I’ve been on a little bit of a stout kick lately, so this list may seem a little bias or repetitive, but I’m always looking for some new beers to try, so let me know your favorites!

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