Fair State Brewing Cooperative | Northeast Minneapolis

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

The first time I was at Fair State Brewing Cooperative I was on a date in the winter so I’ve been meaning to get back there to try out the patio and also be able to take photos without it being awkward ha Continue reading

Pryes Brewing Company | Northeast Minneapolis

pyres brewing company minneapolis minnesota

On our recent crawl around Northeast we made it a point to cross the river and finally visit Pryes Brewing Company.

This Brewery/taproom is beautiful. I know that it’s pretty typical at this point for breweries to be popping up in warehouses with high ceilings and lots of exposed metal tops, but there was just something a little extra that I can’t exactly define that set this place above the rest.
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La Doña Cerveceria | Minneapolis Brewery

La Dona Cerveceria Minneapolis

I’ve been stalking the opening of La Doña Cerveceria all summer so when they announced their Grand Opening a couple weekends ago I was ready. 

La Doña Cerveceria’s mission is “to celebrate the vibrancy, breadth and depth of Latino and Minnesotan culture through superior product and customer experience as a fully operational brewery and community/event center, while raising awareness of and providing support to social, economic, and environmental issues that impact us all.”

Their space definitely does that.

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National Beer Day 2015 – Top 5 Craft Beers

Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit Oktoberfest

It’s National Beer Day, which means there’s no day better than today to try out a new brew! Unfortunately, with it falling on a Tuesday, that means many of the Northeast Breweries aren’t open. However many of these brews are still on tap elsewhere!

Here are some good Minneapolis/St. Paul Beer Places to go tonight!

Stanley’s NE
Happy Gnome

and without futher ado here is my list for National Beer Day:

Top 5 Craft Beers

Lombac Brewing Continue reading

The Bulldog – Lowertown vs. Northeast

The Bulldog Lowertown

Both Bulldog locations (Lowertown and Northeast) are amazing. They both have different menus and from what I understand aren’t fully owned by the same people, but I’m going to review them together just the same.

*The pictures below come from my most recent visit to the Lowertown location.

It all starts with parking. Both places can be a little bit of a challenge.

Lowertown: It’s street parking. I, generally, park in the lot on Sibley and 7th. It’s free to park there after 5pm (or 6pm?) and you don’t have to worry about parallel parking. BONUS.

Northeast: There is street parking here as well, but they do have a couple of lot options which are really nice. One is in the U.S. Bank lot and the other is in front of Gorkha Palace. Continue reading