Dusty’s Bar | Northeast Minneapolis

Dusty's Bar Northeast

Throw a penny anywhere in Northeast and you’re pretty much guaranteed to hit a dive bar, but it’s the places like Dusty’s Bar that are so authentically divey, so completely uninterested in trying to fit into the increasingly “Hipster” northeast scene, that they’re actually defiantly the original Hipster (Exhibit A: their cash register).

Dusty's Bar and Dagos


free books

Walking into Dusty’s I felt simultaneously wary, because I’m not a regular and this seems like the place where everyone has a stool (a la Cheers), and completely at home, because we were greeted by a group of smiling faces and chorus of “Hellos” by the table by the door.

As far as bars go, it is pretty standard; Booths, Tables, Barstools, oh my! What IS worth noting is that in the corner by the bathrooms they have their own version of the “little free library.” I don’t know why it was started, maybe as an attempt for more intelligent drunk conversation, maybe their ultimate goal was a Bar Bookclub? All I know is that nothing has ever given me as much joy as seeing this nook at a bar.

free books

BONUS: If you should ever have a need for a payphone, you can find one here or pretty much at any bar long Marshall Street…


Sara Making a Call…Collect of course.

When we were leaving we got asked by the same group up front why we weren’t staying for the live music. By live music I mean woman with a flute and man with a stand up bass. This is a decision that still haunts me to this day.



Our bartender was very much the seasoned professional; gruff with a huge smile and heart of gold. She tolerated our questions about Dagos, smiled at our jokes, and overall was very efficient.


No signature cocktails just classic booze at a cheap rate.



They have a pretty decent menu, but their crowning jewel is the dago, of which they have 5 varietals on their menu.

The Dago: a homemade sausage patty made of 100% ground pork.

While I did not partake in the Dago myself (I was on a liquid meal plan that evening), John and Amy assure me that it’s delicious.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for a chill bar where you can do your own thing without any pretense, Dusty’s Bar is your jam. If you say you “Love Northeast,” in the same way people jumped on board when Livestrong bracelets were popular, do the clientele a favor and steer clear. They don’t have time for you.

Dusty’s Bar
1319 Marshall St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 
Monday – Wednesday: 8AM – 1AM
Thursday – Saturday: 8AM – 2AM
Sunday: 10AM – 11PM

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