N E Yacht Club | Northeast Minneapolis

Yacht Club

The Northeast Yacht Club is a great place to go for a more low-key patio experience.


The drinks are cheap and it’s a good place to anchor up at the bar (see what I did there). They do not offer specials and when asked insist “we offer the same great deals daily.” Continue reading

Tony Jaros Rivergarden | Northeast Minneapolis

Tony Jaros Rivergarden

Much like Dusty’s Bar, Tony Jaros Rivergarden is an unapologetic dive. Where these two are different, is that Tony Jaros is a favorite destination of the sports attending crowd, softball teams, and even some of the trendier downtown Minneapolis crowd. Continue reading

Dusty’s Bar | Northeast Minneapolis

Dusty's Bar Northeast

Throw a penny anywhere in Northeast and you’re pretty much guaranteed to hit a dive bar, but it’s the places like Dusty’s Bar that are so authentically divey, so completely uninterested in trying to fit into the increasingly “Hipster” northeast scene, that they’re actually defiantly the original Hipster (Exhibit A: their cash register). Continue reading