Taraccino Coffee | Northeast Minneapolis

Taraccino Coffee

It’s National Coffee Day, so I figured, what can be more fitting than sharing my Taraccino Coffee adventure, partly because their coffee was so good, partly because I’m a sucker for random national holidays, but mostly, because it had my name in the title ūüėČ



When it comes to coffee I’m not exactly a connoisseur, but I do know what I like: An Iced Vanilla Latte.

Taraccino’s iced vanilla latte was very smooth and had just enough of the vanilla flavoring to mask the overpowering coffee taste that I’m not partial to. 4 stars.


It’s a pretty small store front shop located in St. Anthony Main, ¬†connected inside to Brueggers Bagels. The overall vibe can be best described as “local,” which is always my favorite part of these Northeast Minneapolis coffee shops.


The barristo was really friendly and¬†efficient. We had a couple minutes of nice coffee-infused banter, which always just makes me so aware of the Minnesota Nice feeling that I get in Northeast. You’re obviously not going to be friends with everyone, but I could envision feeling absolutely fine leaving my laptop on the table¬†while I used the bathroom. ¬†To me that’s a telltale sign of a place I would like to hang out.


Parking is the one issue, because it is St. Anthony Main. Everything is metered, so unless you’re walking, expect to pay¬†a couple bucks in parking.

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