La Doña Cerveceria | Minneapolis Brewery

La Dona Cerveceria Minneapolis

I’ve been stalking the opening of La Doña Cerveceria all summer so when they announced their Grand Opening a couple weekends ago I was ready. 

La Doña Cerveceria’s mission is “to celebrate the vibrancy, breadth and depth of Latino and Minnesotan culture through superior product and customer experience as a fully operational brewery and community/event center, while raising awareness of and providing support to social, economic, and environmental issues that impact us all.”

Their space definitely does that.


La Dona Cerveceria Minneapolis Minnesota

There were quite a few beers (or cervezas) to choose from and it was definitely worth braving the giant line to try a couple.

We started with the Dona Grande Mango Infusion beer. Their Dona Grande is their Mexican Lager “Clean, refreshing lager with pronounced corn and slight toffee flavors and earthy cascade hop aromas.” 6.1% ABV | 11 IBU  – The mango was a very subtle aftertaste, but the beer itself was enjoyable. 3 stars.

Our second pick was the Michelada. Their “Minnesota version of a classic Mexican beverage. A drink made with beer, lime juice, piquant seasonings, and tomato juice.” Essentially a bloody mary beer. 6.1% ABV | 11 IBU – Definitely a hair of the dog staple and good enough reason alone to go there. 4 Stars.



La Dona Cerveceria Minneapolis Minnesota

They were pretty busy since it was Grand Opening weekend, but all in all the service was pretty quick and the beertenders were helpful and friendly.

The really cool part about this brewery that sets it apart is the small soccer field in their parking lot where they have a 3-on-3 fútbol league as well as broomball and the ability to rent out the space, much like they have the ability to rent out different parts of their brewery in general for private parties. The place is HUGE and the vibrant color and decorations are an added delight.

La Dona Cerveceria Minneapolis

The food was a little slow to come out, but we did give them the benefit out of the doubt since they make everything to order and like I said before, it was packed. Overall, the bartenders were super friendly and attentive and naturally I was with a great group celebrating my birth so it was definitely a great first stop and great base for a night out! I’m excited to try it again. 4 stars.

I would definitely recommend heading back, like all breweries they will also have a variety of food trucks serving up and they have a lot of fun events scheduled.

La Dona Cerveceria
241 Fremont Ave N.
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Monday – Thursday: 3PM – 11PM
Friday – Saturday: 11AM – 1AM
Sunday: 11AM – 11PM

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