Isles Bun and Coffee | Uptown Minneapolis

Isle Bun and Coffee Uptown Minneapolis

Isles Bun and Coffee is known for their well, buns 🙂 With my week off it’s been the perfect time to jet off into cute little bakeries and shops that I wouldn’t normally get to on a weekend. Isles Bun and Coffee, which I’ve been incorrectly referring to as “Isles of Buns,” which to be fair I think would be a much better name haha, definitely lived up to the hype.


Isle Bun and Coffee Uptown Minneapolis Cinnamon Roll

Since I was a first timer I stuck to the classic Cinnamon Roll. I kid you not when I say it was almost as big as my face. It was refreshing, because there wasn’t too much cinnamon and it didn’t have a lot of icing, although they do have a station where you can feel free to add more icing.

Isle Bun and Coffee Minneapolis Uptown

Next time I would definitely try one of those caramel rolls. Yummmm.



Isle Of Buns Uptown Minneapolis

They were super friendly and efficient, which they clearly have to be. I went in there at 10am on a Wednesday morning and they still had consistent traffic. I can only imagine what it’s like during peak time!

But don’t worry, if you plan in advance they’ll deliver!

Isles Bun and Coffee
1424 West 28th Street
Minneapolis, MN
Monday – Saturday: 6:30AM – 6PM
Sunday: 7AM – 6PM

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