Harriet Brasserie | Minneapolis

Lake Harriet Brasserie Minneapolis

I was excited to try a new brunch spot based off a recommendation from one of my coworkers. She loves brunch as much as I do, so when she recommended Harriet Brasserie, I knew it was worth a try! Luckily, I also have some great copilots who were game as well!


Lake Harriet Brasserie Crab Benedict

Crab Benedict: Soft-poached egg, crab cake, corn blini, avocado/bacon emulsion, and roasted poblano hollandaise

I went back & forth with the Crab Benedict and Scones & Gravy, so I was excited when Mikayla ordered the scones so I could try hers and get both…exactly why copilots are key.

It was prepared well, but there were a lot of sauces served with it, which was a little overpowering. I didn’t really know what to concentrate on. Because of that, I don’t think I would reorder it. For $15 it just wasn’t worth it.

Lake Harriet Brasserie Scones and Gravy

Scones & Gravy: Scones with sausage gravy

The scones were a great substitute for biscuits and the sausage gravy was delicious. I would definitely order this if I end up there again!


Lake Harriet Brasserie Dessert

Brigadeiro Chocolate Cake: Ganache, whipped cream, and raspbery sorbet

Since we weren’t exactly full after brunch Mikayla and I both ended up getting some dessert (Linnea, was the only one who held out, probably because she ordered pancakes that were more filling).



Lake Harriet Brasserie Bellini

Bellini: Peach & Prosecco bubbles

I started off with a Bellini, because brunch just isn’t brunch without bubbles. I did want to try something else, though, so my next pick was the beer bloody. They do not have a full liquor menu, but you can get some wines and beers. 

Lake Harriet Brasserie Bloody Mary

Bloody Beer: House-made mix and Pacifico Clara

It tasted fine, but it didn’t have the midwestern garnishes I was used to, so I’d probably withhold from ordering this again.


Lake Harriet Brasserie Bar

It’s a smaller place and wasn’t very busy for brunch on a weekend. The server wasn’t very attentive and we had to flag them down to get us another drink. For being such a small place, it was surprising that they weren’t more on top of it.

The place itself was cute and it looks like they have a teatime menu which could be fun, but, unfortunately, I wasn’t overly impressed by the food or service to make it a place that I would visit again.

Harriet Brasserie
2724 West 43rd St.
Minneapolis, MN 55419
Monday – Thursday: 10AM – 9PM
Friday: 10AM – 11PM
Saturday: 8AM – 11PM
Sunday: 8AM – 3PM

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