MN Nice Cream | Northeast Minneapolis

MN Nice Cream NE Minneapolis

I’ve been staring at photos from MN Nice Cream on Instagram for, well, YEARS and I’ve passed it driving more times than I can count so when my sister went to the new Stillwater location before I got there and rubbed it in my face, it was game on! Luckily, during our annual brewery crawl this year we started at MN Nice’s nextdoor neighbor, Able Seedhouse + Brewery giving me the perfect opportunity!


MN Nice Cream Fun Cone Northeast Minneapolis

Fun Cone: Fruity Pebbles, gummy worms, sprinkles, donuts, on a sprinkles dipped waffle cone and with free edible glitter

Legitimate Instagram bait with a side of childhood nostalgia. There are so many different flavor concoctions and indulgence is definitely the name of the game. I went with the “Fun Cone” with vanilla ice cream. For cone, I decided to go with one of their specialty waffle cones so I upgraded to the dipped sprinkle cone. The all chocolate cone also had my eye and the fruity pebbles dipped one looked good as well, but I figured since the ice cream already had fruity pebbles in it, I’d pick something else.

MN Nice Cream Campfire Northeast Minneapolis

Cookie Monster: Cookie dough, oreo, caramel, sprinkles on a waffle cone

Aleah, was going back and forth between the Cookie Monster and the Camper Cone (Toasted marshmallow, graham crackers, peanut butter bar, granola, caramel). I was also really debating getting the Dirt ‘n’ Worms cone (Brownie, Oreo, fudge, gummy worms, sprinkles).

MN Nice Cream Menu

You can see their featured cones in the picture above or visit their website HERE.


MN Nice Cream Interior

The cashier was amazing. When I went to place my order I asked her what cone she would consider the most “instagrammable” and she immediately smiled, nodded her head, and goes, “I got it,” and suggested the Fun Cone haha. I felt like she really understood me…. especially when I asked her what cone was her favorite and she suggested the sprinkles dipped one.

The place was super clean and our cones were made pretty quickly and I did not see one unsatisfied face.

MN Nice Cream – Northeast
807 Broadway St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Monday – Tuesday: 8AM – 3PM
Wednesday – Friday: 8AM – 9PM
Saturday: 12PM – 9PM
Sunday: 12PM – 8PM

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