Not Justa Cafe and Bar | Bayport, Minnesota

Not Justa Cafe Not Just Bar Bayport

The “Not Justa” family has been growing over the years. Starting with Not Justa Cafe in Bayport almost 20 years ago, NJ’s has been a staple for weekend brunch with lines out the door. They’ve since expanded with locations in Somerset, New Richmond, and opened up “Not Justa Bar” next to the original NJ Cafe in Bayport…naturally this location is my favorite, because they serve liquor and I live for a brunch cocktail!


Not Justa Cafe Not Justa Bar Menu

While the Cafe location only serves breakfast and lunch, the bar locations do have a dinner menu as well. While I have been to bar in Somerset, it’s brunch at NJ’s that is such a cult favorite.

Meatlover Mess Not Justa Bar Bayport

Meatlover’s Mess:  Ham, Bacon & Sausage served all together with hash browns, 2 eggs, cheese, and toast

The Not Justa Messes are what I would consider the signature brunch dish. It is the PERFECT hangover food and everything you could ever want out of breakfast; flavorful but not too fancy. In all honesty, that’s a great way to describe the whole place – has character, but not too fancy.

eggs and bacon not justa cafe bayport

Two Eggs With Toast: Add Bacon, Sausage, Eggs and Hash Browns

2 eggs is always my brunch/breakfast go-to. I love that you can choose your upgraded sides, because my mood is never the same.

Other Notable Foods:

not justa bar country fried steak

Country Fried Steak: Served with two eggs, hash browns & toast

Country Fried Steak is, I’m told, my boyfriend Tom’s go-to and has been for 20 years…he is endlessly ridiculed by his brother and friends about this who claim it is the worst thing on the menu, but I have to admit I tried some of it and it wasn’t bad! Nostalgia plays a huge role in food for me so while this wouldn’t be my choice, I can see why he so faithfully orders it every time.

Other notable foods: the omelets or the waffles. Yum.



Not Justa Cafe Bar Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary with Light Beer Chaser

I live for a brunch cocktail and nothing says brunch like a Bloody Mary. It’s like a breakfast pre-game with the pickles and garnishes haha.

Not Justa Cafe Bailey's Coffee

Baileys & Coffee

Another brunch classic made extra amazing by the eclectic mugs is the Baileys & Coffee. The mug collection at NJ’s is like sifting through your Grandma’s eclectic 40 year collection for “your favorite mug” and I am HERE for it.


Not Justa Cafe Not Just Bar Bayport

Not Justa Cafe and Not Justa Bar in Bayport are next door neighbors. There is a definite sweet spot to go before the rush. Anytime 10am on is touch and go on if you will get seated right away, but if you get there at 10am or earlier you’re likely a-ok.

The servers are clearly industry pros. They remain friendly and efficient even during the mad chaos, so while the service may be a little slow sometimes, especially if you’re at a table instead of the bar, it’s not something I’d ever fault them for. It really just does get that busy.

The Not Justa Cafe in Bayport is breakfast and lunch only, so their hours are 7AM – 2PM Daily.

Not Justa Bar 
193 3rd Street N.
Bayport, MN 55003
Tuesday – Friday: 10:30AM – 10PM
Saturday: 8AM – 1AM
Sunday: 8AM – 4PM

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