The Howe Daily Kitchen and Bar | Minneapolis

The Howe Daily Kitchen and Bar

Sunday Brunch is a right of passage for every #BasicBitch. Full of libations, carb loading, and morning after stories, Sunday Brunch is a tradition that begins at 21 and (if you do it correctly) continues until the end of time.

For my first Sunday Brunch of 2019 I decided to revisit a place I had checked out for the first time this summer: The Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar in South Minneapolis. Upon arrival my Brunch-mate took one look and proclaimed, “this is the type of place I’d expect you to choose.” If that’s not a high note of praise for The Howe then I don’t know what is haha.


The Howe Kitchen and Bar Minneapolis

Normally I’m a Bloody Mary purist when it comes to brunch beverages, but I had a headache from day drinking on Saturday (naturally) so I couldn’t resist the “Hair of the Dog,” which has just a splash of caffeine (meaning I can still pretend that less than a week in I haven’t broken my 2019 “self suggestion” of drinking less caffeine haha).

Hair of the Dog: Loon coffee liqueur, Stoli vanilla, cream & splash of Coke

*Bonus: It’s super instagrammable before you stir

The Howe has a pretty decent selection of other breakfast cocktails, a robust beer menu, and a full bar. Yes, you are correct, that makes this place heaven.

the howe daily kitchen and bar



The Howe Kitchen and Bar Minneapolis

There were two reasons The Howe was my suggestion:

  1. Free Parking
  2. The Pacos

I toyed with the idea of Chicken & Waffles and also with forgoing brunch to have a Brisket Grilled Cheese (yummmm), but the allure of the Paco – a breakfast taco in a pancake shell, was much too strong.

Pacos: Three mini pancakes stuffed with cheesy scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and green onions. Served with spicy pepper jam & maple syrup

Seriously ingenious and so delicious.


I also tried the Loaded Tots Breakfast Skillet and it is AMAZING.

Loaded Tots Breakfast Skillet Minneapolis



The Howe Daily Kitchen and Bar

The inside is a combination of intimate and industrial. Right when you walk in there is a bar and a section of hightop tables and there is also a more traditional dining area with a handful of booths and tables. They also have a patio in the front and a larger one in the back, making this a great place to have on your list when it gets warm out again!

The Howe patio is also dog friendly and has a dog menu, which is fast becoming one of my favorite things about patios in Minneapolis. You can peep the amazing dog mural they have in the picture below from my first visit there this summer…you’re welcome 😉

The Howe Daily Kitchen and Bar

Our server was really personable and the food was cooked to perfection. I would highly recommend checking out their brunch and my new 2019 “self suggestion” is to make this place a regular stop and finally also experience their Lunch + Dinner menu.

The Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar
3675 Minnehaha Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Monday – Thursday: 11AM – 2AM
Friday – Sunday 9AM – 2AM

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