Keys Cafe & Bakery | Woodbury, Minnesota

Keys Cafe Woodbury MN

While anyone who follows me on Instagram has probably figured out that I’ve become a regular at Not Justa Cafe’s Sunday Brunch, we were on a bit of a time crunch and trying to stay near boyfriend’s house. With the demise/closing of the Perkins a couple months ago we were at a loss until we remembered Key’s Cafe & Bakery and how everytime we drive by it we say, “we should go there.” Well, mission finally completed.


Keys Cafe Woodbury MN Brunch

#1: Two eggs, Toast, Hashbrowns & Added Bacon

I had been to the Saint Paul Key’s Cafe once upon a time when I was younger with my Mom during “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” (holy dating myself) and I remembered it being good, but I was excited to try out their brunch menu. When we got there it was absolutely insane in the parking lot, come to find out that was because Santa was visiting the strip mall and the Woodbury parents were out in full force. It was about a 30 minute wait, but by then the Santa line had drastically cleared out and it was definitely less chaotic.

Their menu is pretty basic/classic breakfast fare. I debated getting the breakfast sandwich, but in the end I settled for my standard go-to of the 2 egg meal. It was pretty good. I ordered english muffin instead of toast and upgraded to the meat package. Duh.

There was a small mistake where I ordered sausage patties but it came out with bacon. I didn’t say anything, because when is bacon ever a bad thing, but the service was quick for being so busy and the food was good!

Keys Cafe Woodbury MN Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Boyfriend got the Eggs Benedict. He was going back and forth between the classic and the cajun style, but figured he’d try their classic first since it was his first time there. His verdict: good.



Keys Cafe Woodbury MN

No alcohol here, which we knew and accepted going in, although don’t get me wrong brunch without cocktails is always just a little sadder! I got the apple juice and Tom got the coffee. Both good! Hard to mess up.


Like I said, it was really busy, but the staff was efficient and tables were flipped pretty quickly. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but it was good old fashioned brunch food. If we were looking to stay in Woodbury for an alcohol-less brunch we’d definitely go back!

Keys Cafe & Bakery
1750 Weir Drive
Woodbury, MN 55125
Monday – Friday: 6:30AM – 8PM
Saturday: 7AM – 8AM
Sunday: 7AM – 7PM

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