Kokapelli Deli | Downtown Minneapolis

Kokapelli Deli Minneapolis downtown grilled cheese

If you’re like me it takes a really good reason for me to drag my butt out of the warmth of our office to go somewhere for lunch during the winter. Kokapelli Deli is good reason.


Kokapelli Deli Minneapolis downtown grilled cheese

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

My coworker offhandedly mentioned to me that the deli 3 blocks from our work does a grilled cheese and tomato soup special on Wednesday. Little did she know that grilled cheese is basically my kryptonite so I sent out a company wide message letting everyone know they were invited to the grilled cheese party. The call was well received… Shout out to Nicole for her sandwich modeling haha

Kokapelli Deli Minneapolis Lunch

The grilled cheese was it’s perfect greasy/toasted self and the tomato soup was super creamy and considering I usually only view tomato soup as a vestible FOR the grilled cheese, it should be noted that I actually ended up eating the whole cup. 4 stars.

This was my first time eating at the deli, however, my coworker recently treated everyone to breakfast sandwiches from there as well, so I felt like it also deserved a shout out here, too.

Kokapelli Deli Breakfast Sandwich

Sausage, Egg & Cheese on an English Muffin

This sandwich so good and really affordable. Instead of just putting the cheese on top of the egg, they make it by folding it in and I am here for it.



Kokapelli Deli Minneapolis

This gem is a little hidden so I wanted to do a call out for how to easily find it. It’s actually in the lower level of Butler Square building. The fastest way to get to the lower level is to go in off the West 6th street entrance next to the post office which deposits you right in front of the deli. If you go in off 1st ave it just takes a couple more minutes, because you actually have to use the elevator to get to the lower level.


Kokapelli Deli Minneapolis Interior

The service was really quick and efficient. We ended up ordering 13 grilled cheese and soup combos, but they handled it like pros and weren’t phased at all. The manager even came over to make sure we had enough crackers. An extra point of customer service that made us feel welcome and made it feel homie and not like we were in a deli in the middle of downtown.

Kokapelli Deli Minneapolis downtown interior

The inside of Butler Square is beautiful with all the exposed wood, so it’s fun to have an almost indoor patio feel.

All in all, loved it and super excited to have a motivating reason to venture out for lunch during the winter.

Kokapelli Deli – Butler Square
100 N 6th St
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Monday – Friday: 6:50AM – 2PM

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