Graze Provisions + Libations| North Loop Minneapolis

soul bowl sandwich Graze Food Hall North Loop

I was so excited to hear that there was another food hall that opened and that this one was in the North Loop and the perfect distance for an after work dinner! Graze Provisions + Libations has some super cute outdoor spaces that I’m excited to try when it’s not subzero temps and has quite a bit of sections of seating; sitting areas, private dining tables, hi tops, bar seating, and family style dining. Basically any vibe you’re looking for you can find.

They have a couple bars areas and also Honey & Rye where you can get some bakery items or coffee, but we’re going to focus on the food!


Graze Food Hall North Loop

They have 6 different food spots. Our initial goal was ambitious: to try one thing at each place. However, we only made it to 3. Still pretty decent!

Soul Bowl:

Soul Bowl Graze Food Hall North Loop

Stop 1 was Soul Bowl. I was excited to try it, because I actually used to work with Chef Gerard when I did the marketing for Kaskaid Hospitality, so I’ve been following the success he and his wife have had on this concept!

Soul Bowl Sandwich Graze Food Hall North Loop

Double A Sandwich: Fantasia fried chicken topped with mac and cheese, greens and sriracha honey on a cornbread bun

We were having a hard time choosing so we enlisted the help of the cashier. She recommended the Double A Sandwich knowing that we were trying to find a great item that we could share and not get extremely full.

soul bowl sandwich Graze Food Hall North Loop

This sandwich was full of flavors and delicious. Only thing is that the cornbread bun made it more of an eat with a fork item after the first bite.


Lu’s Restaurant:

Lus Restaurant Graze Food Hall North Loop

Next stop was Lu’s Restaurant which serves up Vietnamese Street Food. We ordered an order of eggrolls.

Lus Restaurant Egg Roll Graze Food Hall North Loop

They came out very quick and were perfectly prepared. I was not a fan of the fish sauce that came with them so I think that’s an acquired taste ha.

Lus Restaurant Egg Roll Graze Food Hall North Loop



Flagsmash Graze Food Hall North Loop

Like I said, we only made it to 3 of the 6 places. Flagsmash was one we skipped, but I was pretty upset about that choice after the fact. Flagsmash is actually the one place I had already been to at La Dona. I would highly recommend their chips & queso made with local beer and their quesadilla

La Dona Flagsmash minneapolis



MidNord Graze Food Hall North Loop

Empanadas and churros? Yes, please! It took us a minute to determine what ones we wanted to try. Literally the best part about this food hall is that I had Mikayla with me. Without her I wouldn’t have made it through even half of this food. Teamwork makes your stomach happy!

cburro MidNord Graze Food Hall North Loop

We had the Mole Chicken and the Chimchurri Chicken empanadas and got churros with the sea salt and dulce de luche dipping sauces.

empanada MidNord Graze Food Hall North Loop

I’d say my favorite was the Mole Chicken Empanada and the sea salt churro dip. Yummmmmm. I am bummed we were too full to also get the yuccan fries.


Other Options

Graze Food Hall North Loop Carbon

Carbon Pit Beef: Next time we intend to try the loaded fries.

Poke Bowl Graze Food Hall North Loop

Fish Bowl Poke: I’ve never been a huge fan of Poke Bowls, but they have an option in Graze if that’s your thing!


Graze Food Hall North Loop

Service everywhere was great and they had the option to have them text you when your order was ready so you weren’t required to stand and wait, which was ideal considering we were also enjoying some cocktails!

I would definitely recommend checking this place out for an after work happy hour to grab some snacks or as a fun date night! I just recommend having someone with you who you know won’t mind sharing, because the’s the best way to maximize!

Graze Provisions + Libations – North Loop
520 N 4th St
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Hours Vary

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