Graze Provisions + Libations| North Loop Minneapolis

soul bowl sandwich Graze Food Hall North Loop

I was so excited to hear that there was another food hall that opened and that this one was in the North Loop and the perfect distance for an after work dinner! Graze Provisions + Libations has some super cute outdoor spaces that I’m excited to try when it’s not subzero temps and has quite a bit of sections of seating; sitting areas, private dining tables, hi tops, bar seating, and family style dining. Basically any vibe you’re looking for you can find.

They have a couple bars areas and also Honey & Rye where you can get some bakery items or coffee, but we’re going to focus on the food!

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Edwards Dessert Kitchen | Minneapolis

Edwards Dessert Kitchen North Loop Minneapolis

There is hanging out at a coffee shop and then there is Edwards Dessert Kitchen.  I’ve been to some really stunning coffee shops, and while I know this probably doesn’t classify as a “coffee shop,” that vibe feels like it fits more than what you would expect at a traditional bakery. It’s not only adorable inside and home of some amazing coffee (and I’m assured amazing sweets), it is now my new favorite place to take a mid-day field trip. Continue reading

Uber Minneapolis vs. Cabs

Uber Minneapolis

Uber crashed (car pun #1) onto the Minneapolis scene, or at least on my radar, a couple years ago. For a few solid months my Facebook newsfeed was inundated with posts from people offering $20 off and “First Ride Free” coupons. I had friends that constantly raved about how great Uber was and I had friends who told me about some of their sketchy experiences, but the one universal seemed to be that everyone was talking about it.

It took me about a year and a handful of rides in ubers that other people ordered, to actually download the app myself. Why waste cell phone data when a perfectly good taxi was hailing distance away?

Presented as a classier cab alternative, Uber does, indeed, have a lot of positives, but is it really better than a cab? Continue reading