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Cheese Curd Tacos Minnesota State Fair Food

Hello Hipster Hack followers, I’m Ashley and you may remember me from my many, many appearances here since I am Tara’s biggest supporter, and a fellow food lover. (Although I’m the sister that enjoys creating fun foods, while Tara’s the one that enjoys traveling to find it).

Cheese Curd Tacos Hipster Hack Blog

I asked Tara to join me at the Richie’s Cheese Curd Tacos food stand recently and she turned me down because she decided to go mostly Keto for the time being. BOO! So I went by myself, and did what any supportive sister would do, I sent her pictures and talked about how good they were. I mean, look at these?! Tara Edit: I WANTED TO GO THE WEEKEND BEFORE I WENT KETO! THIS WAS SAVAGE!

Cheese Curd Tacos Minnesota State Fair Food

I have an insane love for Ellsworth Cheese Curds.  If you have not made the road trip to Ellsworth to get their fresh cheese curds, ready at 11am every day, you have not lived your best life. (Or should that be lyfe with all you younger millennials? Because let’s face it, there are no Gen Z’s here but my kids, when I make them read it…) I digress, but the moral of this paragraph is that fried cheese curds are delicious, but they do not hold a candle to a fresh, room temperature, just off the vat, cheese curd and you should get yourself to Ellsworth (or Comstock) Wisconsin one of these days. You’ll sing my praises. (Not a paid advertisement although Tara and I are not opposed to free cheese curds Ellsworth!)

Back to your paid programming…


Cheese Curd Tacos

I want you to close your eyes and imaging the delicious flaky crust of a Taco Bell Chalupa hitting your teeth, then a hit of Franks Hot Sauce, with a crunch of slaw, a pleasantly light taste of bleu cheese, and at the very end of that bite the crown jewel – fried cheese curds. That, my friends, was the Hot Chick which was the Wisconsin State Fair Sporkies Award Winner for 2019 and you will quickly see why with that first bite! (Tara Note: please join me in forgiving her for referencing the inferior State Fair here)

I also ordered a Box Checker which was also delicious as I do love myself a chicken bacon ranch ANYTHING. I was kicking myself for not also getting The Original but 2 tacos seemed enough for a 2pm food run, I still had to get home and prepare dinner for my family that night, although my husband ate the other two tacos for dinner and blew off my meal almost completely. Hmph.


If Tara decides to keep up this keto life I’m going to need a new friend that’s willing to just drive to a food truck with me this summer on a whim. So comment below with your name, address and references I can contact if you’re interested in filling this position. And thanks Tara, for letting me live out my blogging life vicariously through you.

Richie’s Cheese Curd Tacos 
Located one block south of Century Avenue off highway 36 (across from Furlong’s Liquors)
Visit their Facebook For Current Hours
Order for Pick-up Online

Tara Note: Enjoy my list of top ranked cheese curds (Ellsworth included) and where to get them (shout out to Pat’s Tap) HERE.

2 thoughts on “Richie’s Cheese Curd Tacos | Guest Blogger

  1. nanciak

    My son and I loved the Cheese Curd Tacos! So yummy! (The food truck is actually one block south of Hwy 36 on Century, not one block south of Century since Century runs north and south 😁)


  2. nanciak

    My son and I tried the Cheese Curd Tacos a few weeks ago. SO good! BTW – the food truck is one block south of Hwy 36 on Century Ave (Century runs north and south 😁)


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