Pat’s Tap Gastropub | Minneapolis

Pat's Tap Minneapolis

I am a Pat’s Tap Gastropub regular and have been for years, but now, living a mere 4 blocks from there, it’s my go-to suggestion for anyone who wants to meet me out.

This Hipster Hack is not going to give it justice, because I have been there a LOT and it’s only reflecting one meal, but not having one up about this place just felt wrong!


Pat's Tap Minneapolis

I would recommend that “Pat’s Ginger,” because nothing gets your day going like whiskey and ginger ale haha, but if you go for brunch they have a spicy house bloody mary, a refreshing cucumber bloody mary, and also mimosas with either orange juice or grapefruit.

You can see their full beer list HERE.


Pat's Tap South Minneapolis

This last Saturday we made it there right around 1, so while I was still in the brunch territory, I was really craving a sandwich, so I compromised with myself and ordered the “Bloody Mary Sandwich.”

Bloody Mary Sandwich: 2 fried eggs, bacon, tomato bread, worcestershire aioli, tomato, pepper jam

Yes, it was as delicious as it sounds, but it may not be the best date food since I ended up with yoke all over my hands and mouth…classy.

As for other items I’ve ordered there, I would like to point out that on the homepage of their website it proudly states, “Drive Fast. Take Chances. Eat Cheese Curds.” You will want to take this advice. It does not matter what time of day I am there, because I order their cheese curds everytime. They are made with Ellsworth Creamery Cheese Curds which are the ones they serve at the Minnesota State Fair and their spiced ketchup is delicious.

Pat's Tap Minneapolis

Other favorites from there:

  • Biscuits & Gravy: Sausage gravy, over easy eggs
  • Mac & Cheese: Three cheeses, rainbow chard, roasted mushrooms
  • Fish & Chips: Beer battered sustainable Alaskan cod, frites (can be made gluten free)
  • Anything in the “Between Bread” category



Pat's Tap Minneapolis

Service is generally pretty good. Of course you’re going to be affected by how busy they are and what time of day you are there. This time our server was, unfortunately, very slow and we had to flag her down, but she was friendly and they were pretty busy.

As for the atmostphere, they always have an inspiring art instillation on the wall. This time it was a wall of white ducks with two of the ducks framing a heart and painted red, which you can see in the picture above.

Pat's Tap Skiball

The other great part about Pat’s Tap is the Skee-Ball area in the back. Great entertainment for a night out and unlike getting egg all over your hands and face, this IS a great date activity 🙂

Pat’s Tap has consistently great food, the atmosphere is fun (it can get pretty loud), and there is a great beverage selection. 4 Stars.

Pat’s Tap Gastropub
3510 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Open Daily: 11AM – 2AM
Brunch: Saturday – Sunday 9AM – 3PM

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