Nicollet Island Inn | Northeast Minneapolis

Nicollet Island Inn NE Minneapolis

I’ve been lucky to be able to get out of town pretty much all summer by visiting my parent’s lake home, but much like everyone else, I’ve been missing my friends a lot during social distancing. So when the stars aligned and Mikayla and I were both in town on Friday night I was beyond thrilled to have plans with someone else besides my boyfriend’s demon cat haha.

It was a beautiful day so I was excited when Mikayla suggested we go to Nicollet Island Inn, especially since I had never been!


Nicollet Island Inn Outdoor Patio Dining

The current menu does have some cheaper sandwich options, so this can definitely be an affordable date night, but the entree side of the menu is a more gourmet option and therefore a higher price point, so you’re looking at $30+ a plate.

We were both pretty hungry so although it wasn’t on the menu, I did see that they offered fries with their sandwiches so I asked if it was possible to get a side of fries. Our server was great and said absolutely. I am so glad I asked. The fries were SO good. Literally cooked to perfection.

Nicollet Island Inn Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Skirt Steak: 8oz cut, sauteed broccoli slaw, green onion balsamic vinnegur churi sauce

I was excited to see Wagyu beef on the menu, because oddly enough, both my sister and my boyfriend have brought up in conversations this summer how high a quality and delicious this cut of meat is (Wagyu is a type of Japanese beef). It definitely lived up to it’s reputation. The sauce was also delicious. So delicious I even ate the broccoli, which I’m normally not a fan of, just so I could use it as a vestibule for the sauce haha.

Nicollet Island Inn NE Mpls Waygu Beef

Braised Waygu Tagliatelle: Wagye short rib, tomatoes, broccolini, onions, jus, creme fraiche

Mikayla selected the other Waygu option, which I’d say was almost like a stew with the Italian Tagliatelle noodles? You didn’t know what Tagliatelle was either? Don’t worry, we totally had to ask. No shame.



Nicollet Island Inn NE Minneapolis

When Mikayla and I were traveling together I had an espresso martini (ok multiple) in every country we went to, so naturally when she saw that they had them on the menu she made sure to not only point it out to me, but ensure that our server knew exactly how much I loved them haha. Cue Brad the bartender coming outside to our table 5 minutes later with his specialty hot coffee and cocktail menus for after dinner! So perfect.

Nicollet Island Inn NE Minneapolis Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

Seriously….look how pretty this is. I will never not order an espresso martini.

Nicollet Island Inn Mexican Coffee

Mexican Hot Coffee

Brad recommended that I try a Mexican Coffee (made with tequila) instead of the traditional Irish Coffee and I was so pleased he did. This actually brought on an educational conversation with him having us taste and explain to us the differences in agaves. Such an amazing and unexpected experience!

Nicollet Island Inn Buttered Rum

Buttered Rum

Mikayla got the Buttered Rum at Brad’s insistence, because it is a 500 year old recipe and his favorite drink. She let me taste a sip and I have to say it was delicious.


Nicollet Island Inn Craft Cocktails

Both our server and the bartender were absolutely fantastic and we become fast friends. We were having so much fun that our 6:15 dinner reservation ended up turning into us staying until they closed…oops.


Nicollet Island Inn Northeast Minneapolis Minnesota

If I’m being honest, normally a place like Nicollet Island Inn would intimidate me, because I’ve always felt that it was “too fancy.” There is definitely a 180 vibe difference from the old school dining room inside and the easy breazy patio vibe outside, but in general, I have to say that as I continue to push myself out of my comfort zone with food and continue to push myself to try new places to eat, you just sort of start to realize that no one cares if you need to ask questions. At the end of the day, the goal of a good establishment is to give their guests an amazing experience. Nicollet Island Inn definitely gave us that and more.

Nicollet Island Inn NE Mpls

5 Stars.

Nicollet Island Inn
95 Merriam Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Thursday – Friday: 11AM – 9PM
Saturday: 9AM – 9PM
Sunday: 9AM -8PM

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