Wild Boar Bar and Grill | Oakdale, Minnesota

Wild Boar Bar and Grill Oakdale Food Menu

I’ve been trying (and failing quite a bit) this summer to eat low carb so when I determine it’s a cheat meal there is really only one thing I crave: a sandwich.

While trying to find a new place to go near Woodbury that had a club sandwich on the menu boyfriend found Wild Boar Bar & Grill.  Funnily enough, we didn’t realize until we were almost there that this happened to be the same place we had passed signs for multiple times already thanks to the current 494/94 ramp detours and had kept commenting that we needed to come back to try it haha.


Wild Boar Bar and Grill Oakdale Cheese Curds

State Fair Cheese Curds: House battered “State Fair” style curds, fried golden brown & served with ranch

With the Minnesota State Fair cancelled (thanks 2020), I’ve been obsessed with anything I would consider a “fair food” so when I saw cheese curds on the menu, boyfriend didn’t bat an eye when I ordered them haha. The portion was really large and they were cooked well (if you’re a normal reader you also know my obsession with fried cheese so while they weren’t the best I’ve ever had, they are definitely ones I’d order again).

Wild Boar Bar and Grill Oakdale Club Sandwich

Clubhouse: Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar & Swiss cheese served on sourdough and brushed with Wild Boar sauce

Minus it not being the triple stack version, the clubhouse was exactly what I was craving and it hit the spot. The Wild Boar sauce was subtle so it wasn’t overpowering or detracting from the flavors I was craving.

Wild Boar Bar and Grill Oakdale Burger

Boyfriend ordered a burger and I cannot remember which one. I believe it was the Board Double Double which is served with a spicy 1000 Island brushed bun, but I cannot remember so don’t quote me on that! He did think it was really flavorful and loved his waffle fries upgrade.



Wild Boar Bar and Grill Oakdale Beer

They have a decent beer list and a full bar. My kind of place!


Wild Boar Bar and Grill Oakdale

Everyone was masked, including the pull tab worker, who obviously we became friends with haha. Our server was really efficient and we our food came out quick. We were able to choose our own seat and the tables are the appropriate distance apart. There are large sections that were roped off at the time as well.

My favorite was the women sitting alone at the bar belting out the songs playing on the radio at the top of her lungs haha. Dinner AND a show!


Wild Boar Bar and Grill

Wild Boar is a sports bar vibe. Inside it felt similar to the Woodbury Wild Bill’s. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Nothing bad and nothing great. We would have no problem visiting again, but it wouldn’t be at the top of our list. I was also in love with their bathroom door art!

Wild Boar Bar and Grill
950 Helena Ave N
Oakdale, MN 55128
Kitchen Hours:
Sunday – Saturday: 11:30AM – 10PM

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