The Wilder Scratch Kitchen | Bayport, MN

The Wilder Scratch Kitchen Bayport Minnesota cocktails small plates burnt ends

Trying new places hasn’t really been at the top of my list this summer due to the pandemic, but since moving back to the East suburbs (I miss Minneapolis so much) I’ve been wanting to get out and get reacquainted with the area…Fall is also perfect patio season which is the ideal dining scenario right now, so when my (sort of) brother and sister in-law (they’re actually my sister’s in-laws, but I’ll claim them all day everyday) invited me to grab cocktails and a snacks at The Wilder Scratch Kitchen in Bayport I was so excited, mostly because I didn’t even know it existed!

Being honest, their website is a hot mess, but they appear to be more active on their social media so I would recommend going to their Facebook for any information and the website actually directs you there for the current menu. (*job plug: if anyone who works there reads this and wants some website help, let me know! I work at a marketing agency and we do great work๐Ÿ˜‚ )


The Wilder Scratch Kitchen Bayport Minnesota cocktails small plates burnt ends

Burnt Ends (brisket burnt ends with fried Brussel sprouts, pickled red onions, and BBQ) + Shrimp Toast (Tajin, avocado, radish, and cilantro)

Our primary objective was to meet for cocktails, but naturally snacks also entered the picture. Noelle & Cecil are big fans of the shrimp toast, but as I’m sure I’ve shared throughout multiple reviews, I can’t bite into shrimp without gagging so I’ll trust them when they say it’s delicious.

I ordered the Burnt Ends and was a little worried, because I am apparently the only adult millennial in the United States who isn’t a fan of Brussel Sprouts, however, I have to say they were absolutely delicious with this mixture and with BBQ sauce and I would totally order it again! If you’re looking for other options, I’m told their burgers are delicious, so I’m excited to be able to come back and try them out!

Like I mentioned before, their Facebook is the best place to see their current menu, but here is a photo I snapped during my visit!

The Wilder Scratch Kitchen Bayport Minnesota cocktails food menu



The Wilder Scratch Kitchen Bayport Minnesota cocktails

Slick Ricky: Gin, S&S, strawberry shrub, seltzer

I love a good craft cocktail and it has been too long since I had gin. Gin has always felt like a refreshing summer beverage to me (maybe it’s because of the pine taste?) so it was the absolute perfect cocktail to have out on a patio on a beautiful fall day in a cute little town by the river.

The Wilder Scratch Kitchen Bayport Minnesota craft cocktail

If you’re more of a tequila drinker, the Pickly Pedro (tequila, prickly pear puree, lime juice, ginger beer) was refreshing, too! (It’s the pinkish drink in the food photo above).

The Wilder Scratch Kitchen Bayport Minnesota cocktails beer wine list



The Wilder Scratch Kitchen Bayport Minnesota

I grew up on this side of the cities and Bayport was never a food destination (except for NJ’s, duh). I was really excited to find out that there is not just The Wilder Scratch Kitchen but also two other restaurants on the same little street to try out. Bayport is a small town that has a lot of charm and potential, so seeing it get some face lifts and rejuvenation made me really happy and although it hasn’t made me miss living in Minneapolis less, it made me more optimistic about this end of the world ๐Ÿ˜‰.

The patio was super cute. You will want to make a reservation ahead of time, though. We lucked out by going early because there was a cancellation.

Our server was really sweet and service was great. She did make her rounds outside, but we were also able to go indoors to place our orders and have them carried out to us as well.

4 Stars.

The Wilder Scratch Kitchen
338 5th Avenue N
Bayport, MN 55003
Tuesday – Thursday: 4PM – 8PM
Friday – Saturday: 4PM – 9PM

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