5-8 Tavern and Grill | Maplewood, MN

5-8 Bar Maplewood Minnesota Juicy Lucy Monster Halloween Special

Last week it was national cheese curd day, which is not a day I was prepared to miss.

You can see proof of my cheese curd obsession here.

I was super confused when I asked boyfriend where there were good cheese curds to try close to us in the East Metro and he suggested we go to 5-8 Tavern and Grill…Yes, it’s official, I was [last Thursday] years old when I discovered that 5-8 had more than just the Minneapolis location… (they actually have FOUR locations 🤦  ).

**Spoiler Alert: the cheese curds were amazing and I will definitely be visiting the 5-8 Maplewood location again!


5-8 Bar Maplewood Minnesota Cheese curds onion strings

Every Minnesotan knows about the Juicy/Jucy Lucy burger battle between 5-8 and Matt’s Bar. If you’re somehow NOT familiar with the source of the Lucy controversy, see below:

The Juicy Lucy, or Juicy Lucy burger, is Minneapolis’ contribution to world cuisine. It’s a cheeseburger with the cheese inside the meat, such that the cheese melts to a molten core when cooked. It is served with a warning against scalding yourself with liquid cheese.

The Juicy Lucy burger was invented in a south Minneapolis bar sometime in the 1950s, and depending on who you talk to, that was either the 5-8 Club, where they serve the “Juicy Lucy”, or Matt’s Bar, where they make the “Jucy Lucy”, and let customers know that “if it’s spelled correctly, you’re at the wrong place”. – Clara James

I’ve had my fair share of Lucy’s and I have to say that the 5-8 one is absolutely fantastic.

5-8 Bar Maplewood Minnesota cheese curds

Cheese Curds: Wisconsin white cheddar served with a side of marinara

Anytime you see the menu reference Wisconsin cheese you can just go ahead and know that you’re in for a treat. These were no exception. They also serve theirs with marinara which boyfriend was pretty excited about. I’m usually a ketchup or ranch girl, but you can’t go wrong with a good marinara.

5-8 Bar Maplewood Minnesota onion strings

Onion Straws

Boyfriend insisted we had to get the onion straws, because he supposedly used to be a Monday evening regular at 5-8 and get them every week. They come in a huge serving so be prepared to take home leftovers (hopefully you have an air fryer!)

5-8 Bar Maplewood Minnesota Juicy Lucy Monster Halloween Special

Halloween Feature: Monster Lucy

Yes, I am a child and did spend the extra $1 for the “Halloween Special” Juicy Lucy which is nothing more than a Juicy Lucy with a food monster face. Zero regrets. It put a giant smile on both of our faces and I’d so do it again. So freaking cute!

5-8 Bar Maplewood Minnesota Juicy Lucy

Juicy Lucy: stuffed cheese burger. USDA ground chuck on a bakery fresh bun

The Monster Lucy is basically The Classic Juicy Lucy with American cheese. The original is actually my favorite, but they have a variety of award winning Lucy’s available!



5-8 Bar Maplewood Minnesota Cocktails

Titos + Soda

Per usual I stuck to my classic, but they have a pretty good wine and beer list as well!

5-8 Bar Maplewood Minnesota local beer


5-8 Bar Maplewood Minnesota

5-8 Bar is what we’d lovingly call a Dive and like every good Minnesota dive they have a very loyal, local clientele. We were both starving so we went to dinner right at 5pm, but by the time we finished dinner we didn’t see any open tables.

5-8 Bar Maplewood Minnesota atmosphere

They are of course distancing, which limits their capacity, but it was also nice to see these “Sanitized By” cards as a guest. When you walk in they have you give your name and phone number and take a pump of hand sanitizer before they walk you, masked, to your table.

Our server was great and the food all came out timely and delicious.

5 Stars.

5-8 Tavern and Grill
2289 Minnehaha Ave E.
Maplewood, MN 55119
Sunday – Thursday: 12PM – 8PM
Friday – Saturday: 12PM – 9PM

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