Tongue in Cheek | St. Paul, MN


Hello friends! It’s been a really long time and to catch you up to speed, I haven’t been writing full on blogs about my food adventures, but I have been featuring them on my Instagram and my Facebook page, so if you’re wondering where I’ve been or looking for more recent restaurants, you can still find great new locations! I’ve recently changed jobs and have had a few life changes, so the itch to get back to posting on my blog has been growing and after we went to brunch at Tongue in Cheek, it didn’t feel right not to sit down and give it the true homage that it deserved; 250 words 😂

A friend of mine, who is even more obsessed with good food than I am, has been raving about Tongue in Cheek for years, specifically their brunch. So when my fiance and I (that’s one of those life changes I referred to 😂) decided to pre-celebrate our birthdays with brunch it was a no brainer for me to scoop up a reservation. It beyond lived up to the hype and I can’t wait to go back for dinner!


Tongue in Cheek Saint Paul Minnesota Teasers

Teasers: Bacon & Egg (Avacado, Hot Jam, Bacon) + East Fried Pride (Pork Belly, Stonefruit, Peanut)

We were starving so when our hostess gave us an overview of the menu and mentioned that she loved the “Teasers” because they are basically bite sized hors d’oeuvres, we were sold. We originally thought we’d get one of each (there are 4), but we realized we both wanted the same ones the most haha so we ended up getting 2 of each of the ones featured in the photo above so that we didn’t have to share…true love is not sharing food.

Tongue in Cheek Saint Paul Minnesota brunch

Market Omelette: Diced ham, pickled jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, hollandaise, feta w/roasted potatoes

I’m not the biggest brunch person, because I’m not a super big fan of eggs, so I debated just defaulting to The Classic, but as always, the point of trying a new place is to push yourself out of your comfort zone so when I heard what the additions were to the market omelette (the ingredients change) I was sold. It was so good.

Tongue in Cheek Saint Paul Minnesota Eggs Benedict

Heeeere’s Johnny: Braised pork, eggs benedict, hollandaise, pickle

Fiance is obsessed with both eggs benedict and “The Shining,” so this dish hit all his happy places. I wish I would have captured the look of pure bliss on his face.



Tongue in Cheek Saint Paul Minnesota Cocktails espresso martini

Espresso Martini & Redheaded Stranger (Rye, Tattersall Italiano, Chartreuse, bitters)

Espresso Martinis are my love language. This one was made absolutely perfect and I was proud of myself for only having 2…granted it was only noon, but this is a no judgement zone haha. Fiance tried a couple different cocktails; he had the Redheaded Stranger and the Ron Swanson (also another of his personal heroes – this place really understands him). He raved about both, but wanted me to caution that they are definitely as boozy as expected!

Tongue in Cheek Saint Paul Minnesota Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson: Rye, Luxardo Maraschino, Dry Curacao

One thing they had on their cocktails menu that I loved was the opportunity to have a cocktail flight of all of their cocktails listed. If I wasn’t so set on espresso martinis I definitely would have tried that. Such a great idea!



Tongue in Cheek Saint Paul Minnesota

Tongue in Cheek is in the part of St. Paul we don’t get to often so it was fun to take note of the other venues around them for future food adventures. The inside is almost like modern supper club vibes. I’m obsessed with the art they had on the wall. I did some googling after and I believe this is the artist, Jack Winthrop, but I could be wrong so don’t come after me.

Tongue in Cheek Saint Paul Minnesota Art

Service was fantastic. We made a reservation right at 11 when they opened due to the packed day we had and we got the cute little booth for 2 at the front window, which I loved because of the natural lighting for photos and it didn’t start getting busy until we were leaving around noon so I even got him to agree to take a photo with me as documented below 💖

Tongue in Cheek Saint Paul Minnesota Best brunch places in minnesota

We were so pleased with the whole experience and are re-adding it to the list for us to go back for dinner, because the whole menu looked fantastic.

5 Stars.

Tongue in Cheek
989 Payne Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55130
Wednesday- Sunday: 11AM – 9PM

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