LoLo American Kitchen and Craft Bar | Stillwater, MN

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Lolo Kitchen Stillwater

I went to post a photo of our most recent visit to LoLo American Kitchen and Craft Bar in Stillwater, Minnesota and realized, that although they are probably my most recommended spot, I’ve never written a Hipster Hack about them which felt very wrong, so here we are with a recap of some of our favorite dishes!

Small Plates:

Smoked Sea Salt Fires: Rosemary + Basil Aioli

Those fries are my absolute favorite. You can also get them as a side. The rosemary with the aioli is unbeatable.

Broccolini: Stir Fry + Tamari, Lemon, Truffle, Parm, Reggiano

The broccolini is full of cheese, so naturally I’m all in.



Pork Belly Tacos: Hoisin, Cucumber + Napa

Pork belly has never been my favorite, it’s a little too fatty for me, but Fiance, who loves pork belly, says these tacos need to be included on this list!

Steak Tacos: Hanger, Korean BBQ, Napa + Pickle

These tacos are amazing. Definitely a favorite. The cherry vinaigrette on the local field greens side has such a great flavor as well.

Hanger Steak: Korean BBQ, Fermented Red Chile Slaw, Ginger Aioli + Brussels

This is one of my favorite meals. Their hanger steak is always cooked perfectly.

Smoked Salt and Rosemary Fries Lolo Kitchen Stillwater Minnesota

Hot Dog: Bacon Wrapped, Dijon + Salsa Fresca

If you love hot dogs you need to try. Full of flavor and an amazing hot dog always makes me happy.

Manchego Grilled Cheese: Cheddar, Kale Pesto, Prosciutto, Pickled Shallot, Sourdough

This was one we got last winter, I don’t believe it’s on the menu anymore, but it was delicious and if not, it should definitely be brought back!



Flourless Chocolate Torte

Because I’m not generally a dessert person, this is the only one I have had, but it was really good. I prefer my dessert to come in the form of an Espresso Martini (which they also have had on their menu before – see below!)


The drink menu changes up, but some favorites are the Old Fashioned, Q is for Cucumber, and Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Their craft cocktails always come out beautiful as well as delicious.

q is for cucumber lolo kitchen stillwater


They don’t accept reservations and get packed quickly, but we’ve always had luck getting a table when we do early dinner. The restaurant itself isn’t that big so they maximize every square inch so there isn’t much moving room between tables, but the service is fantastic, and if you didn’t already get it, we absolutely love the food and cocktails.

LoLo Restaurant Group also owns Lolito Cantina, Stillwater Proper (another favorite I am realizing I haven’t written a full hack for – blasphemy!) and a second LoLo location in Hudson.

5 Stars.

LoLo American Kitchen & Craft Bar
233 Main Street South
Stillwater, MN 55082

11:30AM – 9PM Daily

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