Hazelwood Food and Drink | Woodbury, MN

Hazelwood Food and Drink Woodbury Hipster Hack

Ever since realizing a new restaurant was coming to the vacant space over by Woodbury Lakes I’ve been eagerly awaiting it’s opening. Hazelwood Food & Drink couldn’t be more different than the previous venue, which is a great thing. They completely revamped the interior and while it is a little more upscale in pricing for Woodbury the quality definitely makes it worth it.


Brie Cheese Curds: Light crispy batter, lingonberry ketchup

We started with the Brie cheese curds and when they came out in square shape vs. the round cheese curd shape I knew they’d be melty and perfect and they were. I absolutely loved the lingonberry ketchup with them as well. Yum yum yum.


Main Course:

Hazelwood Food and Drink Woodbury Prime Rib

Grilled Ribeye: 20 oz bone in, garlic butter, au jus, smoked gouda hash browns

Husband got the Grilled Ribeye and couldn’t stop raving about how perfectly both his and mine were cooked. We both requested medium rare, and were so happy when they actually came out that way! Not to throw shade at CRAVE, but every time he tries to get medium rare there it comes out basically moo’ing so it was really nice to find a place in Woodbury that has a perfectly cooked steak!

New York Strip: 14 oz cut, garlic butter, au jus, smoked gouda hash browns

My New York strip was perfect. I was obsessed with the garlic butter and the hash browns were so good, especially towards the end after they had time to soak in some more of the au jus. I do regret that I didn’t also get the side of mushrooms, but next time!

Also looking at the menu I’m excited to try some of their fish offerings next time. That’s another one that is hit or miss, but seeing how well they cooked their steak I have nothing but confidence they would be cooked right.



Per usual, husband had the Old Fashioned, but he changed it to Bulleit Rye. He said that the drink was the one thing he wouldn’t rate perfect. It wasn’t exactly muddled so in his opinion it felt pretty weak and watery.

Pom Mule: Tito’s vodka, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, agave, lemon wedge

I really enjoyed my Pom Mule. I loved the pomegranate juice instead of Ginger beer.

Hazelwood Food and Drink Woodbury Cocktail Menu


This place has been extremely busy since it opened and we actually tried twice to do a walk-in only to find that it was a 45 minute wait so I would definitely recommend making a reservation ahead of time. While there are cheaper options, I would say that this is a more upscale atmosphere. Husband came in a sweatshirt and while he wasn’t exactly out of place, he definitely wished he would have had a sweater or nice shirt on instead so keep that in mind!

My only complaint came with the service. Our server was knowledgeable and nice, but they were busy and it was very obvious they were trying to flip tables as quickly as they could but were a little behind, too. We ordered our 2nd drinks a few minutes after our food arrived and got them when we were almost done with our steaks. So basically right after we got our drinks, they started to clear the side plates and extra silverware at our table….while we were still eating. We weren’t planning to outstay our welcome, but when we’re spending $200 for a meal for 2 people, I don’t expect to feel pressured to slam a cocktail or feel like I’m being ushered out before I’m even done eating.

Woodbury is Hazelwood’s fourth Minnesota location so it’s clear that they’re doing something right. A definite welcome addition to the Woodbury dining scene and we’re looking forward to going back to try more!

4 stars.

Hazelwood Food & Drink
9240 Hudson Road
Woodbury, MN 55125


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