Old Southern BBQ | Arden Hills, MN

Old Southern BBQ Arden Hills Soul Bowl

Husband was working across town so I got a pleasant surprise via text asking me what I wanted him to bring home from Old Southern BBQ for dinner.


Soul Bowl: Mashed Potatoes, and Mac & Cheese with Creamy Slaw, Cheddar Cheese, Party Corn!, & Garlic Crumbles, drizzled with BBQ Sour Cream & topped with Chopped Chik’n

Backstory is that we had to miss Thanksgiving this year because I was COVID positive, so when I saw the “BBQ Bowls on the menu I was absolutely sold on mashed potatoes. I ended up getting the Soul Bowl but had them remove the coleslaw, because I’ve never really cared for it.

It was absolutely delicious and enough for two meals.

Husband made his own bowl and ate it well before he came home so no photos, but he had brisket, jalapenos, mac & cheese, creamed corn, and creamy slaw and he was a huge fan.


Side Dishes:

Dill Potato Salad: Baby skin on Red Potatoes, cubed & tossed in a Creamy Dill Dressing 

As an extra surprise, Husband also picked me up a side of the Dill Potato Salad, because he knew when he saw “dill” that I’d want it. He was 100% correct.



From what husband shared it was a rustic vibe for the decor. He ordered ahead of time for pick-up and it was ready on time and service was great. I was excited to see that they have a Hudson location, too so that we can try it again!

Old Southern BBQ
3845 Lexington Ave. N
Arden Hills MN 55126

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