All Saints | Northeast Minneapolis, MN

All Saints Northeast Minneapolis

When my friend suggested All Saints for our monthly friendship dinner I was excited, because 1. it meant I got to go back to my beloved Northeast and 2. I hadn’t even heard of it yet!

Their approach is “giving vegetables the same center of the plate treatment as meat, while still sharing the spotlight.” We ordered a bunch of small plates to share, which is definitely the right way to do this.


All Saints Northeast Minneapolis

Salt & Pepper Mushrooms: Scallion dip-dip

I absolutely loved these and would happily eat them everyday. The mushrooms were crisp and loved the flavor.

All Saints Northeast Minneapolis

Charred Cucumbers: Whipped ricotta, calabrian chilies, crispy garlic

I am a big fan of cucumbers so seeing them in an elevated form with flavors I wouldn’t have imagined was super cool.

All Saints Northeast Minneapolis

Scallops: Carrot hummus, walnut tabouli

These scallops were cooked perfectly and the carrot hummus was such a unique flavor.

All Saints Northeast Minneapolis

Duck Confit: Escarole, cherry mostarda, nutmeg

I had to get the Duck Confit, because husband ALWAYS talks about it and I’ve never tried it before. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t the easiest “shareable” item.



They have a selection of wines, cocktails and beer available. They also have some zero proof items which I love that places are starting to offer for those, like my friend, who choose to abstain from alcohol.



All Saints Northeast Minneapolis

Service was great and the inside was super intimate and I loved the cute marquette outside so naturally I had to take a photo. It is in downtown Northeast so I would definitely plan to pay for street parking!

All Saints
222 East Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55414


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