5-8 Tavern and Grill | Maplewood, MN

5-8 Bar Maplewood Minnesota Juicy Lucy Monster Halloween Special

Last week it was national cheese curd day, which is not a day I was prepared to miss.

You can see proof of my cheese curd obsession here.

I was super confused when I asked boyfriend where there were good cheese curds to try close to us in the East Metro and he suggested we go to 5-8 Tavern and Grill…Yes, it’s official, I was [last Thursday] years old when I discovered that 5-8 had more than just the Minneapolis location… (they actually have FOUR locations 🤦  ).

**Spoiler Alert: the cheese curds were amazing and I will definitely be visiting the 5-8 Maplewood location again!

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Wild Boar Bar and Grill | Oakdale, Minnesota

Wild Boar Bar and Grill Oakdale Food Menu

I’ve been trying (and failing quite a bit) this summer to eat low carb so when I determine it’s a cheat meal there is really only one thing I crave: a sandwich.

While trying to find a new place to go near Woodbury that had a club sandwich on the menu boyfriend found Wild Boar Bar & Grill.  Funnily enough, we didn’t realize until we were almost there that this happened to be the same place we had passed signs for multiple times already thanks to the current 494/94 ramp detours and had kept commenting that we needed to come back to try it haha.

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