331 Club | Northeast Minneapolis

331 Club

331 Club (if you want to fit in I strongly suggest that you pronounce it three-three-one and not three hundred and thirty one or three thirty one) is another NE Dive Bar gem. There is literally something happening every night; bands, trivia, or even an adult spelling bee.


If you’re looking for a Mixologist this is not the place. On the menu are PBR tall boys and strong mixed drinks.


Hummus and pitas. This is a staple that should be at every bar.


This is probably the most consistent place for free live music in Northeast. There is pretty much a set every night (minus Blingo, Trivia, Spelling Bee, etc). The bands range from hipster to folksy hipster and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was to hear an accordion. It’s massively loud inside though, so if you’re looking for a conversation I’d strongly suggest going out on the patio. Continue reading