Pryes Brewing Company | Northeast Minneapolis

pyres brewing company minneapolis minnesota

On our recent crawl around Northeast we made it a point to cross the river and finally visit Pryes Brewing Company.

This Brewery/taproom is beautiful. I know that it’s pretty typical at this point for breweries to be popping up in warehouses with high ceilings and lots of exposed metal tops, but there was just something a little extra that I can’t exactly define that set this place above the rest.


pyres brewing company minneapolis minnesota

I’m decidedly indecisive when it comes to beer so a beer flight was really the only option. With the help of the beertender we were able to really feature a variety of taste profiles.

From back left and clockwise:

Miraculum“A perfect balance between hoppy West Coast and malty East Coast flavors, creating a combination as unique as its home. Citrus, Malty, Balanced”

This one is their signature and you can tell why.

Dublin Dry Stout“Gold Medal Winner of the 2018 North American Brewers Awards. A complex blend of 6 different malts and oats crafted to create our interpretation of a Dry Irish Stout. An approachable stout with Dry, Roasted and Smooth flavors”

This one was my favorite, but stouts tend to be my favorite, so nothing new there.

Royal Raspberry Sour“Our tart American fruited Berliner Weisse that combines raspberry with hints of passion fruit, creating a crisp and approachable Kettle sour”

I keep trying sour beers and for some reason think I’m going to have a different reaction, but I am just not a fan. I was assured by my copilot that it was good, but I am not a good judge on this one.

Bohemian Blonde Ale“Our evolution of a traditional blond ale made with a blend of Eastern European Pilsner Malts. Lemon, Floral and Dry flavors.” 

This one was my second favorite definitely. It was delicious.


Pryes Brewing Company Minneapolis

New Bohemia makes the food at Pryes Brewing Company. We weren’t ready for dinner, but we did have the steak fries and I would highly recommend those during a night of bar hopping. Their soft pretzel is also a personal favorite, so I would definitely recommend it.



As I already mentioned that their beertender was really great in recommending a good variety of beers for us to try in our flights. Right when you walk in it’s family style seating and in the back there are more high tops and bar stool seating. In the back there is even a feather bowling court and right in the front there is also this really cute wine cask turned table that adds to the charm.

This place had it’s fair share of ambiance with the lighting low so it would be a great date spot!

Pryes Brewing Company
1401 West River Road N.
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Monday – Tuesday: 3PM – 10PM
Wednesday – Thursday: 3PM – 11PM
Friday: 11AM – MIDNIGHT
Saturday: 10AM – MIDNIGHT
Sunday: 10AM – 10PM

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