Edwards Dessert Kitchen | Minneapolis

Edwards Dessert Kitchen North Loop Minneapolis

There is hanging out at a coffee shop and then there is Edwards Dessert Kitchen.  I’ve been to some really stunning coffee shops, and while I know this probably doesn’t classify as a “coffee shop,” that vibe feels like it fits more than what you would expect at a traditional bakery. It’s not only adorable inside and home of some amazing coffee (and I’m assured amazing sweets), it is now my new favorite place to take a mid-day field trip. Continue reading

Harriet Brasserie | Minneapolis

Lake Harriet Brasserie Minneapolis

I was excited to try a new brunch spot based off a recommendation from one of my coworkers. She loves brunch as much as I do, so when she recommended Harriet Brasserie, I knew it was worth a try! Luckily, I also have some great copilots who were game as well! Continue reading

Pat’s Tap Gastropub | Minneapolis

Pat's Tap Minneapolis

I am a Pat’s Tap Gastropub regular and have been for years, but now, living a mere 4 blocks from there, it’s my go-to suggestion for anyone who wants to meet me out.

This Hipster Hack is not going to give it justice, because I have been there a LOT and it’s only reflecting one meal, but not having one up about this place just felt wrong!

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The Howe Daily Kitchen and Bar | Minneapolis

The Howe Daily Kitchen and Bar

Sunday Brunch is a right of passage for every #BasicBitch. Full of libations, carb loading, and morning after stories, Sunday Brunch is a tradition that begins at 21 and (if you do it correctly) continues until the end of time.

For my first Sunday Brunch of 2019 I decided to revisit a place I had checked out for the first time this summer: The Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar in South Minneapolis. Upon arrival my Brunch-mate took one look and proclaimed, “this is the type of place I’d expect you to choose.” If that’s not a high note of praise for The Howe then I don’t know what is haha.

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Urban Eatery | Uptown Minneapolis

Urban Eatery

Brunch is my favorite weekend pasttime, so when it was suggested that a group of us should meet at Urban Eatery for bloodies and brunch I was beyond ecstatic.


While they did have a Bloody Mary Bar, I was struggling that morning and decided that it was better for everyone involved if it came to me pre-made. It was delicious. Just enough flavor and spice to make it memorable, but not too much for me to not enjoy it.  It also comes with garnish, and since it took our group a while to stop talking long enough to look at the menu and actually order, the snacks were much needed haha. Continue reading

French Meadow Bakery & Cafe | Uptown Minneapolis

french meadow bakery

After a girls night out in Downtown Minneapolis, brunch was an essential. Carly suggested French Meadow Bakery and we were all about it.

Girls Night

Girls Night with Brooke and Carly


*Not pictured: Nellie. Sorry, Nell!


french meadow bakery coffee

I was in dire need of some caffeine and I never turn down a coffee with whipped cream, which lead me to ordering the Turtle Mocha.  I was happy to see it was actually pretty reasonably priced in comparison to something similar at Caribou or Starbucks. Continue reading

The Mill NE – Brunch | Minneapolis

The Mill NE

This is the second time I’ve been to The Mill Northeast. You can read the first blog about my drinking adventure HERE. This time the focus was brunch, so of course that means we started off with bloody marys….


The Mill NE Bloody Mary

I am a fan. While they may lack a lot of the garnishes you can find at other places, the bloodies are still pretty flavorful with a little bit of spice and their only $5, which is a pretty reasonable for Minneapolis. Continue reading