Blue Door Pub | Uptown Minneapolis

Blue Door Pub Uptown Minneapolis

My life was changed on April 4th at 4:09 PM when a photo of Blue Door Pub‘s Lobster Mac Totchos appeared in my timeline. It took two weeks to get there (yes, those 2 weeks were pure agony and no, I do not think I am being overdramatic…ok maybe a little), but we finally made it and while it was worth the wait, I wouldn’t recommend waiting too much longer, since it’s a limited time special!


Blue Door Pub Uptown Minneapolis lobster mac totchos and blucy

The Blue Door Pub is known for their burgers, especially their take on the cheese stuffed “Jucy Lucy” burger, which they call a “Jucy Blucy.”

Two fresh-ground Angus beef patties collaborate to encompass a veritable cornucopia of ingredients, creating a cavern of delectable deliciousness. It’s a collision of culinary creativity and Northern ingenuity. Often imitated, never duplicated. A St. Paul original. Experts know to exercise caution on those first few bites to avoid the scalding cheese. – Blue Door Pub

The irony of this statement is that Tom took one overly aggressive bite into his Blucy and the cheese inside somehow managed to squirt all over him. I have literally never seen this happen before, and it probably makes me a bad person that I found it so hilarious, but I honestly couldn’t stop laughing! So pro tip here is to either cut it in half or to ensure you’re not giving your stuffed burger a death grip before biting in hahaha (sorry, Tom, I’ll stop laughing about it eventually).

Blue Door Pub Uptown Minneapolis Lobster Mac and cheese totchos

Lobster Mac Totchos: Tator tots, lobster cheese sauce, lobster, fusilli pasta, and green onion

Besides the Bacon Blucy (the bacon is on the inside with the cheese..yummmm) my other Blue Door Pub obsession is their tator tots. Sure, tator tots as a sidedish may be really Minnesotan, but I’m a proud midwesterner and the crunch of a tator tot beats the sogginess of a fry anyday!  A step up from the regular tots are the Totchos, which is the beautiful art of using tots in leu of chips as the base for nachos. I, honestly, wasn’t aware that the Totcho was able to be improved upon, so when I saw the Lobster Mac Totchos, which combines my absolute obsession lately of the Lobster Mac & Cheese WITH the totchos, it was a mind explosion!

I am so so so so excited to say that it actually was as good as my mental tastebuds led me to believe. I strongly suggest you get there this month to try it out!

Blue Door Pub Uptown Minneapolis Menu



Blue Door Pub Uptown Minneapolis Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule: Vodka, Ginger Beer, and Lime Juice

They have a pretty good local beer selection and a full bar. I’ve been on a Moscow Mule kick lately though, so that’s what I went for. It’s not a featured cocktail or anything, it’s just plain good! 

Hipster Hack: If you can get to the Lyn-Lake aka the Uptown Location in time for Happy Hour, you can score yourself the 76’er special: a tap beer, burger, and tots for $9!



Blue Door Pub Uptown Minneapolis Minnesota Interior

I live less than a mile away from the Lyn-Lake location in Uptown Minneapolis so this location was the natural choice for us. I’ve been led to believe the menus may vary a bit, so I would check out their website for your location’s information.

This little pocket of Lyn-Lake has gone through some serious regeneration the last few years, with the addition of the Lyn-Lake Brewery, Up-Down Arcade Bar, the Iron Door Pub, and now the change over from the Cowboy Bar to one of the four Blue Door Pub locations; Lyn-Lake, Saint Paul, Longfellow, and Como Ave.

This space is fairly small, but for this area where it is highly dependent upon foot traffic (since parking is absolutely horrible), this seems to be a good business model. For us, it was great to go to dinner at 6pm on a Thursday evening and be seated immediately and the chalkboard wall in the booths is a fun way to kill time while waiting for your food!


Blue Door Pub Uptown Minneapolis Minnesota

Our waitress was really friendly and attentive. We never had empty drinks, which makes her an all star in my book. The food was quick and delicious, so my compliments also go to the kitchen.

Lastly, in case you didn’t understand how obsessed I am, let me end this Hipster Hack with another photo of my Lobster Mac Totchos to really drive home the point…

Blue Door Pub Uptown Minneapolis Lobster Mac Totchos

Blue Door Pub Lyn-Lake | Uptown Minneapolis
3006 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Sunday – Thursday: 11AM – 1PM
Friday – Saturday: 11AM – 2AM

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