Tamarack Tap Room | Woodbury, Minnesota

Tamarack Tap Room Woodbury

Tamarack Tap Room used to be one of the defunct Champps Americana locations when I was growing up well into my adulthood. My family used to frequent this location pretty often and when I got older I used to go with friends to play “Bucks” and hang with CA the DJ. When they closed, I wasn’t surprised, because let’s be honest, they weren’t exactly “impressive” (although I still daydream about that club sandwich), but I am so glad that Tamarack Tap Room opened in it’s place a few years ago. This was the restaurant that Woodbury needed: good food, innovative food that takes risks yet not TOO risky for the ‘burbs, and has an AMAZING beer list.


Tamarack Tap Room Loaded Tator Tots

Loaded Tator Tots: Queso, smoked bacon bits, chives & cilantro sour cream

I live for these as an appetizer. Especially if I’m not planning to upgrade my side to tots…yes, there are occasions when I just want the waffle fries with season sour cream yummmmm

Other Notable Appetizers:

Ellsworth Deep Fried Cheese Curds: The smoked blueberry ketchup is TO DIE FOR

Nachos: These are delicious, but it’s practically it’s own meal

Giant Pretzel: Who doesn’t love a giant pretzel with cheese?!

Tamarack Tap Room Brisket Grilled Cheese

Brisket Grilled Cheese: Texas toast, house smoked brisket, BBQ sauce, provolone & chedder, pickle and fried onions

This was my first time segwaying into the “Smokehouse” section of their website. The sandwich was made to perfection, don’t get me wrong, I think I just realized while eating this that I am not a brisket fan. Tom loved his.

Other Notable Foods:

Tamarack Tap Room Woodbury Pimento Burger

Pimento Bacon Cheeseburger: Beef with blend of pimento, cream cheese, pepperjack, and cheddar with bacon

I love their burgers so much and they have SO many of them. This restaurant has been our keto go-to in Woodbury, solely for the variety of burgers I can make bunless (and Tom loves their ribeye).

The Wagyu Mushroom & Swish burger or the Taproom burger are usually my go to, but after having this pimento burger I’m definitely switching it up. I also love that they give you a variety of “patty” options, which makes it so easy for people with different diets to go out together.



Tamarack Tap Room Cocktails

Blueberry Edlerflower Refresher: Till vodka, St. Germain Elderflower, simple syrup, mint, blueberries, and soda

This was so refreshing and the perfect patio cocktail. I would definitely recommend it.


Other Notable Drinks:

Tamarack Tap Room Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

They don’t have a “brunch” menu, but that hasn’t stopped us from “Brunching there” with burgers haha. They make a pretty classic Bloody Mary, which is definitely my favorite for a Saturday morning!

Tamarack Tap Room Dragons Milk

New Holland Dragon’s Milk Imperial Stout

They have a giant beer list. I’m a fan of stouts and dragons, so this one is always a go to for me. But you can see the FULL BEER LIST HERE.


Tamarack Tap Room Woodbury Minnesota

I love their outdoor space and although the inside layout was never changed, it didn’t need to. The quality of the food is consistently good and the service is always friendly and efficient no matter that day or time.

*Fun Fact: Tamarack Tap Room is where Tom and I had our “first official date.” We had hung out once before and “knew” eachother for years, but it was after he placed his order of the Locavore burger (8oz Grazing Acres black angus steak burger, duck bacon, Wisconsin cheddar cheese & fried egg on a pretzel bun) and turned to me and said “I’m going to have the meat sweats so hard,” that I decided I’d go on another date with him hahaha

Tamarack Tap Room
8418 Tamarack Village
Woodbury, MN 55125
Sunday – Wednesday: 11AM – 10PM
Thursday: 11AM – 11PM
Friday – Saturday: 11AM – MIDNIGHT

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