Monte Carlo Restaurant | Minneapolis

Monte Carlo Minneapolis Restaurant

Working downtown means getting to enjoy lunch menus of places that may be a little too pricey for a normal dinner…like Monte Carlo. Fun fact: I had actually just broken my iphone the night before we went to lunch so my boss used his to take these photos instead haha. THAT is the epitome of a supportive job 🙂


Monte Carlo Restaurant Minneapolis Calamari

Calamari: Light tempura preparation

Luckily, my boss T.J and I both have a love of calamari. It was cooked really well, but we were only able to convince one of our two coordinators to actually try it haha.

Monte Carlo Restaurant Minneapolis Turkey Club

Turkey Club: Turkey breast, cheese, bacon, tomato, mayo, and lettuce on wheat

I almost got the Fish & Chips, but I made a last minute swap, because I was having a serious sandwich craving (that’s what happens when you are cheating on keto, I guess, you crave the normal stuff! haha). The sandwich was good, not anything to make it stand out necessarily, but a good lunch option.

If we go there again, I think I’d actually try out one of their house salads.



Since we went for lunch I only had a diet coke, but they have a pretty impressive list of signature cocktails!



Monte Carlo Minneapolis Restaurant

They have a really cute outdoor patio area that was a really fun way to eat lunch downtown. The service was really good and quick, which is ideal for a lunch turnaround.

It’s my understanding that this place is more known for their steaks, seafood and wings. The vibe was really cool and it’s been around since 1906 so you really feel like you are dining in the Warehouse District, which is worth it, but the prices are a little up there, so for me this would have to be a more of a lunch or destination location.

Monte Carlo Minneapolis
219 North 3rd Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Monday – Saturday: 11AM – 1AM

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