Osaka Sushi + Hibachi | Woodbury Minnesota

Osaka Seafood and Steakhouse Woodbury Hibachi Restaurant

I have this unexplained anxiety about hibachi restaurants. I think it’s mostly due to the performance pressure of having food thrown into the air that you’re supposed to catch in your mouth and the social pressure of participating in having sake squirted directly into your mouth WITHOUT letting it stain your clothes…my refusal to go to hibachi has not gone over well with boyfriend so after a year of stubborn refusal I finally agreed, much to boyfriend’s outward jubilation, to visit Osaka Seafood & Steakhouse for date night.

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Monte Carlo Restaurant | Minneapolis

Monte Carlo Minneapolis Restaurant

Working downtown means getting to enjoy lunch menus of places that may be a little too pricey for a normal dinner…like Monte Carlo. Fun fact: I had actually just broken my iphone the night before we went to lunch so my boss used his to take these photos instead haha. THAT is the epitome of a supportive job ūüôā

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George and the Dragon | Minneapolis

George and the Dragon Minneapolis

This is my first George and the Dragon Hipster Hack, but it’s my third experience there. The first time was based off a suggestion a coworker gave me when my (now) boyfriend was forcing me to pick out where we were going to go to dinner on one of our first official dates.¬† Unfortunately, the wait was over an hour so we went elsewhere. We did end up going a couple weeks later, but back then I was still trying a bit and didn’t want to whip out my camera and take pictures of all the food just yet haha, so I’m excited to say that not only did I take pictures of my food this time, but when the appetizer arrived, boyfriend pushed the plate over to me, “get your picture so we can eat.” hahahaha. Trained.

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Uber Minneapolis vs. Cabs

Uber Minneapolis

Uber crashed (car pun #1) onto the Minneapolis scene, or at least on my radar, a couple years ago. For a few solid months my Facebook newsfeed was inundated with posts from people offering $20 off and¬†“First Ride Free” coupons. I had friends that constantly raved about how great Uber was and I had friends who told me about some of their sketchy experiences, but the one universal seemed to be that everyone was talking about it.

It took me about a year and a handful of rides in ubers that other people ordered, to actually download the app myself. Why waste cell phone data when a perfectly good taxi was hailing distance away?

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The Lowry Uptown | Minneapolis

The Lowry Uptown

Lisa and I experienced The Lowry Uptown for the first time, because it was chosen by our friend, Heather, as our last Happy Hour destination before she made the move out of unpredictable Minnesota weather into sunny California.

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Smack Shack | North Loop Minneapolis

smack shack

I wanted to¬†get a Hipster Hack review out about the¬†Smack Shack¬†this week, since Valentine’s Day in just around the corner and according to their website they have a stuffed lobster & champagne pairing going on this Saturday, February 14th. What better way to say “I like you better than anyone else in my life,” than lobster and champagne?

The interesting thing about Smack Shack is that they originated as a Food Truck that specialized in Lobster Rolls. They were also featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” because of their food truck and as the food service at 1029 Bar. ¬†The actual “Smack Shack” restaurant has only been open since 2013, but it has quickly become a staple of the North Loop dining experience. Continue reading