The Mill NE – Brunch | Minneapolis

The Mill NE

This is the second time I’ve been to The Mill Northeast. You can read the first blog about my drinking adventure HERE. This time the focus was brunch, so of course that means we started off with bloody marys….


The Mill NE Bloody Mary

I am a fan. While they may lack a lot of the garnishes you can find at other places, the bloodies are still pretty flavorful with a little bit of spice and their only $5, which is a pretty reasonable for Minneapolis.



The Mill’s brunch is pretty well known in Northeast, for good reason. We started off with the most amazingly breaded Faribault Caveman Cheese Curds with beet and beef ketchup. I’m obsessed with beet ketchup, because it has this delightful earth tang, without being too much. I didn’t really have any specific beef flavor, though.



I ordered “The Buddy,” because it seemed like the easiest meal to make gluten free by just not eating the english muffin.  I was also very intrigured by the chevre (goat cheese) potatoes, which were my favorite part of the meal by far. The chevre on the potatoes almost made them taste like they had parmesan on them and I’ve never had a parmesan food I haven’t liked.

For my Buddy I chose to add the italian sausage and it was definitely good, but I think if I could have eaten it as a sandwich I would have liked it a lot better.


Carrie end up ordering the seasonal quiche and lucked out, since they only serve it while supplies last and they were almost out. Kelly ordered the Biscones and gravy, which I had to try.  I love that they took something like bisquits and gravy and were able to add such a different twist like a scone.


Our server was pretty busy, because there was a line out the door, but she was super nice while taking our orders so I have no complaints about it.


Like most places in Northeast, brunch is sort of a right of passage, so we were smart to get there at 11am so that we were able to get a table right away instead of waiting.  I think my favorite part about brunch is that everyone eats it late enough where it’s really just breakfast food for lunch haha

The food was great, but it was a little prciey, which each meal costing around 10 dollars. To be fair, though, when I say pricey, it’s actually pretty standard for Minneapolis, just not the suburbs!

The Mill Northeast
1851 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Brunch: Daily 9am – 3pm

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