Gorkha Palace – Round 2

gorkha palace

Gorkha Palace is by far my favorite restaurant in Northeast and I’ve already done a full review on the place, which you can read HERE. But, because I am so loyal to my readers (and to my sister), when she wanted to go get dinner I figured I should go back and try something else 😉

Bison Mo:Mo


It’s never an easy task to decide which Mo:Mo you’re going to order. Luckily, when we went instead of Yak, they were offering Bison Mo:Mos. It maybe took us .2 seconds to simultaneously say “yes, we’ll try those.”

Again, what I love about Gorkha Palace is the quality of their ingredients. So it was no surprise that the Bison used is 100% grass fed from South Dakota.

A definite must order.

Chicken Tikka Masala:


The menu describes the Chicken Tikka Masala as “Boneless chicken marinated with organic yoghurt and spices then grilled in the tandoor and simmered in a robust creamy sauce of organic tomatoes and cream.” I would describe it as having the perfect amount of heat and flavor.

Mixed Vegetable Curry:


Ashley had the Mixed Vegetable Curry and ordered the medium. It wasn’t as hot as she had thought, and we both agreed my meal was the winner of the two. She also ordered the Naan, which she’s obsessed with, with the intent of bringing some leftovers home to her husband….that didn’t happen.

Gorkha Palace
23 4th St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413 
Monday – Thursday: 11AM – 2PM; 5PM – 9PM
Friday – Saturday: 11AM – 10PM
Sunday: 5PM – 9PM

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