The Bulldog – Lowertown vs. Northeast

The Bulldog Lowertown

Both Bulldog locations (Lowertown and Northeast) are amazing. They both have different menus and from what I understand aren’t fully owned by the same people, but I’m going to review them together just the same.

*The pictures below come from my most recent visit to the Lowertown location.

It all starts with parking. Both places can be a little bit of a challenge.

Lowertown: It’s street parking. I, generally, park in the lot on Sibley and 7th. It’s free to park there after 5pm (or 6pm?) and you don’t have to worry about parallel parking. BONUS.

Northeast: There is street parking here as well, but they do have a couple of lot options which are really nice. One is in the U.S. Bank lot and the other is in front of Gorkha Palace.


They have very similar vibes in that it’s a wide open space with prominent bar placement and a shuffle board.  They both also have a more recluse seating area for “dining,” however, the Lowertown location is just a larger space.

The night we went to the Lowertown location it happened to be “Geeks Who Drink” Trivia Night. Our team “Stillwater Runs Deep,” ended up losing by ONE point to “Kim Jong Un’s Ill,” which was an extra bitter loss due to the fact that our friend, Paulson, was on that team. A team that has won so many times they have a special menu item…


Paulson Showing Off His Menu Item

We did still win a Gift Card, and a Geeks Who Drink Pint Glass for best name, though! Haha.

Geeks Who Drink


Bulldog is a great place for the Craft Beer Enthusiast.

Lowertown boasts over 100 different beers and ciders to choose from, which includes imports and some local taps like Indeed, Summit, Bauhaus, and more.

Northeast has a smaller beer and cider offering– with around 40 beers on tap and 6 rotating seasonal crafts. They also offer local taps from Indeed, Surly, Fulton, Summit, and more.



I was the first one to arrive, which meant I was holding down our table for 8 for about 20 minutes, alone. In an attempt to quickly combat the intense awkwardness anyone would feel in that situation, I immediately ordered some snacks. Bulldog Cajun Tots are très magnifique and I order them very time I’m at either Bulldog, usually just as an upgraded side, but since we were out for drinks and I knew my friends would be assisting, I also made the impulse decision to tack on an order of the Ellsworth Cheese Curds that the Lowertown location offers.

This is a decision I do not regret, nor do any of my friends.

Seriously, just look at these cheese curds and try to tell me you aren’t going to fantasize about them:


The menus at both locations are really similar in that they serve tots, sandwiches, hot dogs, and burgers, but there are a LOT of differences as well.

Bulldog Northeast Menu:

At Bulldog Northeast I love the Club Sandwich, the Portabella Sandwich, or any basically any burger. They have this truly unique Peanut Butter Bacon Burger, or my personal favorite, the Stuffed Pretzel Burger. To sum it up: Any choice at Bulldog is basically the right choice… except for the Tator Tot Hot Dish.

The Tator Tot Hot Dish is a true travesty, because it used to be my absolute favorite until they changed the recipe and added Caramelized Brussel Sprouts. It went from being a modern take on a Minnesota comfort food, to having this sweet and acidic after taste that I just can’t like. Trust me I’ve tried.

What Bulldog NE does do right is offer an option to sub gluten-free bread. It is an upcharge of $2, so when possible, I do tend to just forego bread entirely, but it’s definitely key that they offer this, because a club sandwich is just a deli tray without bread.

Bulldog Lowertown Menu:

Like Northeast, they also have some delicious sandwiches and burgers. I’m a fan of the Turkey & Avocado Sandwich and the Mushroom & Swiss and Hawaiian Volcano Burgers. Yum! They also have the Ellsworth Cheese Curds, which I’m obsessed with.

Instead of offering TTHD (Tator Tot Hot Dish) Lowertown has Meatloaf on their menu. I’ve never tried it, but I don’t know how much more “comfort food” you can get than meatloaf.


The bartenders are efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable, as are the waitresses. You are always seated pretty quickly and they never seem flustered about larger parties.

We had a great time and if you’re looking for a place to eat, play shuffleboard, or just enjoy a beer, Bulldog is your place.

Stillwater Runs Deep

Score Card: Who Wins

  • Parking : Northeast
  • Space : Lowertown
  • Food : Northeast
  • Beer : Lowertown
  • Service : Tie
  • Location : Northeast (It’s closer to me haha)

Winner: Northeast

Bulldog Northeast                      
401 East Hennepin Ave.             
Minneapolis, MN 55414               
Monday: 11AM – 12AM                
Tuesday – Friday: 11AM – 2AM                    
Saturday – Sunday: 10AM – 2AM

Bulldog Lowertown
 237 6th St. E.
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Monday – Thursday: 3PM – 2AM
Friday – Sunday: 11AM – 2AM

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