Best Cheese Curds In Minnesota | National Cheese Curd Day

Pat's Tap Minneapolis

Today is a day that will live in infamy..annually. Cheese is life and there is literally no food I love more than cheese curds. I probably have reviewed or took photos of cheese curds more than anything else in the history of Hipster Hack so I am going to properly document National Cheese Curd Day by sharing them all in one post for your viewing (and drooling) pleasure. Continue reading

The Bulldog – Lowertown vs. Northeast

The Bulldog Lowertown

Both Bulldog locations (Lowertown and Northeast) are amazing. They both have different menus and from what I understand aren’t fully owned by the same people, but I’m going to review them together just the same.

*The pictures below come from my most recent visit to the Lowertown location.

It all starts with parking. Both places can be a little bit of a challenge.

Lowertown: It’s street parking. I, generally, park in the lot on Sibley and 7th. It’s free to park there after 5pmĀ (or 6pm?) and you don’t have to worry about parallel parking. BONUS.

Northeast: There is street parking here as well, but they do have a couple of lot options which are really nice. One is in the U.S. Bank lot and the other is in front of Gorkha Palace. Continue reading