Emily’s Lebanese Deli | Northeast Minneapolis

emily's lebanese deli

Northeast is a cultural food hub and I’ve been wanting to try Emily’s Lebanese Deli for a while. Having never experienced Lebanese food before, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.


Lebanese Cuisine

Like I said before, I had no idea what I was doing, but I am always up for a new tastebud experience, so with the suggestion of my roommate, Carrie, I ordered Tabbouleh, which is made of couscous, onion, parsley, and other ingredients, and a Baked Kibbi, which is beef, wheat, and spices baked around a layer of lamb, onions and pine nuts. Continue reading

Somewhere In A Dark City : Vision The Kid & Tru


Vision The Kid & Tru released their new album, “Somewhere In A Dark City,” today and I’m definitely not mad about it. Being able to put in some headphones and blare this Midwest love story on repeat, is the ideal way to return to the office after a Labor Day weekend vacation.

A couple weeks ago the first single, “Devil” was released, and I have to say that this video was the best one, creatively, that I’ve seen produced by the Be Easy Music crew (although Lost Summer is still a personal favorite). Directed by Colin Kopp and featuring some stark white and black imagery, it gave the story a fresh perspective. Plus, a pyro at heart, who doesn’t love shit set on fire? Continue reading

Legends Bar And Grill | Northeast Minneapolis

legend bar and grill northeast

If you’re in the mood for a liquid brunch or lunch, Legends Bar & Grill in Northeast is my recommended stop, solely, because of the Bloody Mary’s that are as big as my head.

legends northeast


As previously stated, their large, 25 oz., Bloody Mary is giant. It also comes with a “buddy” on the side.

bud lite

Loaded with a freakishly large celery stick, meat stick, pickle, olive, hot pepper, and shrimp, it’s safe to say this is a meal. Not being a fan of shrimp, which I was once informed was one chromosome away from being a cockroach, I wasn’t that impressed by it’s inclusion, but most of my lunch companions don’t share my same aversion to the cockroach of the sea.

The bloody had it’s fair share of spice, without being too excessive. I’d give it a 9/10. Word to the wise: don’t get the large if you’re planning on getting food, too. I wasn’t able to finish mine, because it’s legitimately a liquid meal. Continue reading

331 Club | Northeast Minneapolis

331 Club

331 Club (if you want to fit in I strongly suggest that you pronounce it three-three-one and not three hundred and thirty one or three thirty one) is another NE Dive Bar gem. There is literally something happening every night; bands, trivia, or even an adult spelling bee.


If you’re looking for a Mixologist this is not the place. On the menu are PBR tall boys and strong mixed drinks.


Hummus and pitas. This is a staple that should be at every bar.


This is probably the most consistent place for free live music in Northeast. There is pretty much a set every night (minus Blingo, Trivia, Spelling Bee, etc). The bands range from hipster to folksy hipster and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was to hear an accordion. It’s massively loud inside though, so if you’re looking for a conversation I’d strongly suggest going out on the patio. Continue reading