Edwards Dessert Kitchen | Minneapolis

Edwards Dessert Kitchen North Loop Minneapolis

There is hanging out at a coffee shop and then there is Edwards Dessert Kitchen.  I’ve been to some really stunning coffee shops, and while I know this probably doesn’t classify as a “coffee shop,” that vibe feels like it fits more than what you would expect at a traditional bakery. It’s not only adorable inside and home of some amazing coffee (and I’m assured amazing sweets), it is now my new favorite place to take a mid-day field trip. Continue reading

Red Rabbit | North Loop Minneapolis

Red Rabbit North Loop Minneapolis

My new downtown work life means that I’m surrounded by many bars I haven’t heard of and restaurants I haven’t had a chance to get to yet. My first time at Red Rabbit was a couple years ago for my birthday where I was a bougie bitch and ordered Oysters so I was excited to go for lunch, because I finally got to be one of those people who met up for a “quick lunch around the corner” with their friends who also work downtown, and also because I was excited to try something else at the Red Rabbit!
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Smack Shack | North Loop Minneapolis

smack shack

I wanted to get a Hipster Hack review out about the Smack Shack this week, since Valentine’s Day in just around the corner and according to their website they have a stuffed lobster & champagne pairing going on this Saturday, February 14th. What better way to say “I like you better than anyone else in my life,” than lobster and champagne?

The interesting thing about Smack Shack is that they originated as a Food Truck that specialized in Lobster Rolls. They were also featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” because of their food truck and as the food service at 1029 Bar.  The actual “Smack Shack” restaurant has only been open since 2013, but it has quickly become a staple of the North Loop dining experience. Continue reading